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Looking at LIMBO

Forget everything you think you know about noir. Forget the P.I., the dame, the crime boss, the gritty city they’re all stuck in… except don’t. Limbo takes all those tropes and throws them in a blender with some neon lights and 80s music. The result is one hell of a comic that everyone should be […]

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The Wookiee Goes Solo

Rhawk-Arrgh, rrrooaarrgghh! That’s Shyriiwook (AKA Wookiespeak) for “May all the forces be with you!” Who doesn’t remember the big walking carpet from the beloved Star Wars trilogy? While he did have lines, he obviously never said anything all but the most avid Wookie fans could understand. Therefore, this issue really caught my interest simply because […]

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Looking at Lady Killer

The thrilling conclusion to Josie Schuller’s clash with her life as a housewife and her secret life as an assassin. Though perhaps not a new concept, this old setting breathes new life into the idea of a woman leading a double life. The setting has such hope, with its cutting edge technology and the feel […]

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This Ain’t Your Disney Avengers

This ain’t your Disney Avengers. Avengers: Ultron Forever #1 combines members of the Avengers from various time periods and in their different incarnations. United by a very unlikely ally, they must end Ultron’s rule in a future that cannot be while also maintaining the delicate balance of time. Naturally, Ultron is not their only foe. […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.