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Lightning in a Bottle

Time for a change of pace this week, as I take a few moments to expand at length to a question from reader Jeff Flannigain. Jeff, you have the floor: As always, I look forward to your columns every week. Nice to know there are other geeks out there like me despite what my wife […]

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Rest Now, Dreamer

Rest Now, Dreamer

During my freshman year of college, I met Ray Bradbury at Earthling Bookstore in Santa Barbara, California. Mr. Bradbury was there signing copies of his newest book, Zen and the Art of Writing, a collection of essays on writing and the creative process. The line was lengthy, and the wait was considerable, as Mr. Bradbury […]

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The new, rebooted SPIDER-MAN movie is only a few short weeks away, and with it will come a classic Spidey villain making his silver-screen appearance for the first time: The Lizard. (Although your heart has to go out to actor Dylan Baker, who portrayed the Lizard’s alter ego Dr. Curt Connors in all three of […]

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Geronimo? Make It So!

BBC America has posted on their Web site a 7-page preview of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMILATION SQUARED! Click over to check it out! You can buy a set of the A and B covers by clicking here!  

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x-men cover claremont

Meet the Mutant Master

Think back for a minute to say, high school or college. A pretty sizable chunk of your life, right? Now imagine spending four times that long writing a single group of characters. Sixteen years. That’s how long Chris Claremont was the writer on Marvel’s UNCANNY X-MEN, the series he revitalized, which in turn revitalized the […]

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Getting Oriented

Rumors are flying about the talk that DC will re-introduce one of its “iconic” characters as a gay man, a fact pretty much confirmed by DC higher-ups at a recent convention. Exactly what character has yet to be confirmed, but a certain rumor site is claiming “on good authority” that the newly gay DC super-hero […]

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Here’s a scary statistic for you. This week’s column marks the 400th column to be posted here at Comics 101.com. Four hundred. That’s a lot of columns. I’m hoping to get back to the longer history columns soon, as I’m just now coming out of a very deadline-crazy period, and expect to have a little […]

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Protecting a World That Hates and Fears Them, Part II

In 1974, a suggestion was made by then-Marvel President Al Landau to introduce an international team of super-heroes that could then be sold in various countries. Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief at the time, Roy Thomas, felt this request could serve as an excellent means of reviving the X-Men, and assigned writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum […]

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Gone Too Soon: Ernie Chan

All told, I really can’t complain too much about getting older. After all, it most certainly beats the alternative. But one of the things that I dislike most about no longer being a young punk is that it means I have to watch the heroes of my childhood leave us. I still find it difficult […]

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Staying on Target, Part III

Previously: We’ve been talking of late about Hawkeye the marksman, the Marvel Universe’s resident archer extraordinaire, longtime Avenger and seemingly full-time member of the lonely hearts club. Brother has no luck with the ladies. When we left off last time, Hawkeye was finding his way on an Avengers team increasingly populated with much more powerful teammates, […]

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Joss Whedon Is My Master Now

So, that happened. Five days and two hundred million dollars later, THE AVENGERS holds the record for the most profitable opening weekend of all time, and director Joss Whedon is unquestionably Hollywood’s newest 800-pound gorilla, the man whose next career move is as close to “anything he wants” as any director has ever had it. […]

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Maybe Next Time

At this writing, I’m still five days away from seeing THE AVENGERS on the big screen (possibly only two if I’m lucky), and even though I’m still trying to stay as blissfully unaware of what’s in store as possible, I do know a fair amount about what we’ll be seeing in the film. And more […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.