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Gone Too Soon – Our Own D Jason Cooper

It is with great sadness and dismay that I report that longtime Blastoff contributing writer D Jason Cooper has passed away.

Jason started writing for us in October of 2012, and contributed faithfully and well ever since, producing over 68 columns in the past six years. Jason was a talented writer with a deep and extensive range of knowledge, and I never failed to be surprised at the pieces that would find their way into my inbox for publication, some assigned, some unexpected, but always challenging and well worth the time to read.

I wish I’d known him better; ours was a strictly e-mail correspondence, and I must confess even now that all I really know about Jason came from his biographical copy I asked him for:

D Jason Cooper was born in Canada, grew up in the US, and lives in Australia. He has written eight books, contributed to three anthologies, wrestled professionally twice, reads comic books, collects pens, and works for the state government.

I still have two or three pieces from Jason that I hadn’t published yet, and those will be up soon. I hope Jason enjoyed having his work run here. I wish I’d told him how much I enjoyed having it.

You can look through Jason’s many columns by clicking here.  This reflection on The Shadow was a personal favorite.

Goodbye, Jason. And thank you.



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