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In Focus: Killers Come in All Sizes

When you’re a little kid, it’s hard to predict what’s going to scare you. I could read horror comics all the time, and they never did much for me one way or the other. But what scared the dickens out of Li’l Scott back in 1976? This issue of WORLD’S FINEST, for one thing. In […]

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Spider-Man + Thing + The Avengers…In Space!

Many years before Brian Michael Bendis would induct Spider-Man and, later, Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm into the New Avengers, writer/artist Jim Starlin had Spidey and the Thing team up with the Avengers for a star-spanning battle with the brutal titan Thanos – in space! This epic team-up went down in Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, from […]

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The Brave, the Bold, and the Bizarre

During a conversation about The Brave and the Bold, Scott Tipton – Mr. Blastoff himself – described writer Bob Haney as the “mad scientist of comics” who “just did whatever the fuck he wanted.” After reading #141, which had me laughing out loud throughout at the bizarre twists and turns, that which I couldn’t imagine […]

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Mockingbird’s First Flight

If her role on Agents of SHIELD is any indication, it appears that Mockingbird, played by Adrianne Palicki, is on her way toward major prominence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In hopes of a lot more Mockingbird next season, I took a look back at her first appearance in the comics. Now, while Bobbi Morse […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.