Daredevil: Yellow

Daredevil: Yellow hit me hard. It was a sweet love letter and nice way to revisit the origin story. The art by Tim Sale particularly made me sit up and take notice. The city was textured in a way I haven’t seen other artists do, and Daredevil looked acrobatic and incredibly graceful. I stared at the above image from the comic for at least five minutes; I was mesmerized. On his site, Sale states:

“Daredevil: Yellow¬†was a story set in New York, and I think New York lends itself to the textures and layers of art that you can create with wash. Whenever anybody had seen my wash drawings, they liked them, and I certainly enjoyed doing them. It was something different and new. It was a different way of coming at the story. How do you apply the technique to the story and keep yourself interested? It was also a way of having more control; I was sort of painting without color.”

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