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Holy Hollywood, Batman!

Thanks to my good friend Dan Greenfield of 13thDimension.com, I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening of the Batman ’66 Exhibit at The Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Building in the heart of Hollywood, California, just steps from the legendary Chinese Theatre.

The brainchild of original Robin Burt Ward and exhibit curator (and well-known voice artist) Wally Wingert, the Batman ’66 exhibit at the Hollywood Museum assembled the greatest conglomeration of Batman collectors ever to bring together the most expansive collection of Batman relics the world has ever seen, a mix of authentic screen-used props and costumes, replicas and re-creations, and original Bat-merchandise of the era. And of course, it wouldn;t be complete without one of the original George Barris-created Batmobiles, which was parked out front.

There to unveil the exhibit were Burt Ward himself and BATMAN: THE MOVIE Catwoman Lee Meriwether.

The exhibit itself is absolutely amazing. Anyone with even a slight fondness for the classic Adam West Batman owes it to themselves to come out and see this while it’s still here.

These replica costumes of Batman and Robin were included as a counterpoint to the screen-used originals, which show considerable wear and fade:


That’s the original screen-used BatRadarScope, recently rescued from a East Coast junkyard and restored.


The exhibit is extensively annotated and narrated. I was impressed.

Both versions of Lee Meriwether from BATMAN: THE MOVIE were represented, Catwoman and Madame Kitka.


Even the Joker’s mannequin had a mustache.


Yes, that is the legendary dehydrator gun.

The assembled Bat-Villains are the highlight of the exhibit, to be sure.

Although the collection of vintage Bat-merchandise was no less impressive.

To the Bat-Poles!



Gotta have that Shark Repellent. Can’t be too careful.



I’d forgotten that Bat-girl’s communicator had a lace frill around it…

The Batman exhibit is currently scheduled to remain until sometime in March; after all, these collectors all want their stuff back. The Hollywood Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 am until 5 pm, with admission a measly fifteen bucks. It’s a great facility that houses lots ofther exceedingly cool Hollywood memorabilia you’ll want to see. Don’t miss out!


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