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Unlikely Allies and Old Friends on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 11th episode (“Fort Rozz”) accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. There was a lot of girl power and unexpected female friendships. I mean, Psi was pretty good—Yael Grobglas did an amazing job of being menacing, with a touch of kindness and a whole heap of curiosity. Calling Imra Matilda was a nice touch. Her wide eyes nearly offset her formidable powers, as she eventually worms her way into Regin’s head—giving a very confused Sam about eight seconds to panic and breath, before slipping back under.

Of course, the snark MVP is Livewire (Brit Morgan), calling Psi “Regina George” in such an offhand, dismissive way that I laughed out loud. “Kryptonian Alcatraz” was also particularly hilarious. But snark aside (“I saw you get body slammed by that GLOW reject. …”), Livewire’s kindness and fierceness shone through, as she repeatedly protected Kara on Fort Rozz: “You need to stop attacking my friends.” Ultimately, Livewire throws herself in front of Kara to save her, which made me more than a little verklempt. She’s a good character, and I’m sad to see her go. (But also kinda secretly hoping they find a way to bring her back. All I’m saying is, the Winchesters have died oodles of times. It’s possible.)

Another surprisingly fun angle was Sam, hanging out with a healing (emotionally and physically) Alex. There’s a sweet vulnerability that passes between them, on their day together. It was especially moving when Alex confessed to Sam, “You know, I really thought I was moving on, but I still feel so sad. It’s like…this is my life now. And I can’t do anything about it.” I mean, damn. Who hasn’t been there? That particular pang is real, not an overt agony, but a slow insidious burn. The kind of feeling that creeps into moments unexpectedly. Like an evil ninja.

But Alex, by the way, is no less of a badass on one leg. I loved when she went to the house of Ruby’s bully and confronted her. Again, who hasn’t wanted someone to step in and scare the crap out of a jerky kid at school? Middle school-aged me would’ve done a small dance. But the point is, Alex might’ve been broken, but she was still herself. She stood up when it counted, literally. I love her. (I also kind of want her hair cut, but don’t think I could pull it off.) Emma Tremblay is really great as Ruby.

I’d be utterly remiss if I didn’t point out Jindah Kol Rozz, who was played by Sarah Douglas. Her voice caught my attention, and I scrambled to look her up. I do wish she’d stayed around for a bit longer, but at least she passed on some valuable information, before getting roasted like a marshmallow.

Brainy, as Imra affectionately calls him, spent the bulk of the episode mocking Winn’s technology: “She is so much braver than I ever knew. I’ve seen espresso machines with more computing power.” Sure, it made me chuckle—the actor is quite funny. But it was also a strangely good approximation of being around a really smart person, who lacks social skills/graces. A little gruff and a bit out of touch, his somewhat sassy disdain was wonderfully rendered. But it was Winn who saved the day, so there’s that.

Lastly, Kara and Mon-El share a scene in which he’s surprisingly helpful. But his earnest hope nearly made me NOPE out: “I know my being back here hasn’t made things easy for you. … I want to make things better for you.” Yes, it’s a crap situation, and it would almost be admirable that he wanted to make it better—if it wasn’t so blazingly impossible. There’s nothing to be done about the situation, so his kindness and care could be considered a touch cruel. However, it doesn’t read or play that way in the least. Mon-El is more than sweet, and Kara is awkwardly accepting of his offer. They talk, share a laugh. And it’s a nice moment. (Although, I do want more depth out of him. More than quiet longing moments in between concern and care for Imra. I want against, because that’s my brand, I guess.)

I am enjoying the back half of the season so far. I absolutely hope we get to see more of Psi. And with Sam falling apart, it looks like things are going to be more action-packed shortly.

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