Comic-Con 2013 Is in the Books

In the immortal words of Roger Murtaugh,”I’m getting too old for this shit.”

Currently recovering from the 5-day geek marathon that is the San Diego Comic-Con, which means it’s time for our annual tradition: the Comic-Con Photo Essay!


The crowds were as big as ever this year, with the difficulty in getting tickets seemingly not deterring folks from making it to the show.


The promotion has even extended to the pedicabs this year, as Archer hitches a ride around the Gaslamp District.


FUNKO had my favorite booth display of the show, with their giant robo-Batman.


JK Woodward and I sign STAR TREK/DOCTOR WHO lunchboxes at the Entertainment Earth booth.


Speaking of which, the view from atop the Entertainment Earth booth was pretty cool.


My favorite cosplayers of the show.


This Hall of Armor from Hot Toys is kind of amazing.


Hot Toys also has new ’66-style Batman and Robin figures in the works…


Thousands of folks lined up under the tents to get into Hall H, where the big movie presentations were.

Speaking of Hall H, the high point of the convention this year may have been Loki’s “invasion” of Hall H:


The Marvel booth this year had a rotating platform showing off various costumes and props from the upcoming slate of Marvel movies, like these costumes for the Howling Commandos.


DC, on the other hand, had nearly every Superman film costume on display, including this one, Christopher Reeve’s from the 1978 film.


Of course, you never know who you might run into at the show, as my DOCTOR WHO collaborator Elena Casagrande and I found out…


Zachary Levi’s NERD MACHINE sponsored a great event Saturday night, “Serenity in the Park,” in which Browncoats gathered to watch Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY film in Petco Park, down on the field.


The Captain waves to us on our way out after the movie.


But, as always, the best thing about Comic-Con is the people you get to hang out with, like my old friend and current THE BOUNCE artist David Messina…


…and SUICIDE RISK artist Elena Casagrande, COBRA colorists Azzurra and Arianna Florean, and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY artist Sara Pichelli, hanging out at the Rockin’ Baja Lobster.


So long, Comic-Con. See you next year.

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