Wolverine Odds and Ends


Granted, Wolverine is everywhere in the Marvel Universe these days. But my favorite Wolverine comic in recent years, surprisingly, was a little miniseries you may have missed: CLAWS II, a team-up book featuring Logan and the Black Cat, by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray and Joseph Michael Linsner.


The Wolverine/Black Cat teaming works surprisingly well, with the creators playing it as a romance between a couple of cynics who have been around the block a few times, and are willing to take a breather and enjoy one another’s company. Linsner plays the difference in height between the two to good comedic effect, and his “acting” in the characters’ facial expressions is funny and flirtatious.


Following up right after the events of the first series, this one takes a unexpected left turn, with Logan and Felicia finding themselves in the far Martian-invaded future of Killraven!


CLAWS II is available collected. Highly recommended.



That would be issue #3 of MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS, in which a wandering Spider-Man, cruising through the enormous citadel in which Cap’s forces have set up shop, stumbles across the X-Men meeting in secret, and overhears them agreeing to leave and go to join up with Magneto. When Spidey is caught eavesdropping by Professor Xavier, the understandably concerned webslinger (after all, Magneto’s most recent exploits had involved his sinking of a Russian submarine, drowning its crew) goes on the attack, and trounces the X-Men singlehandedly, taking off to warn Captain America that the X-Men are jumping ship.


For an old-school fan like me, seeing Spider-Man backhand Wolverine across the room is a thing of beauty.



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