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"Brother, Take My Hand."

“Brother, Take My Hand.”

There’s no two ways about it: my love of Marvel Comics comes directly from two sources: ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS and SON OF ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS. These two 1970s collections of the premiere issues of Marvel’s characters served as my introduction to the Marvel Universe, and in no more formative way than in the case of the […]

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Tale of Sand Preview-PG2-3

Tale of Sand: A Review

Our own Amy Ratcliffe reviews the new graphic novel Tale of Sand over at her own site, Geek With Curves. An adaptation of a lost screenplay by MUPPETS creator Jim Henson and longtime MUPPETS writer Jerry Juhl, Tale of Sand, says Amy, “is ambitious, surreal, and glorious.” I’m sold. To read Amy’s full review, click here.

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Matt’s Brother Mike

Over at Comic Book Resources, writer Timothy Callahan has just posted an exhaustive history of one of the more head-scratchingest periods in super-hero history, the time when Matt Murdock was pretending to be his own fictional twin brother Mike. As Timothy writes, “Right! Because that’s clearly the best way to handle this situation. Concoct a […]

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Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

The recent induction of Daredevil to the Avengers has got me thinking: when I first started reading comics, there was always a sort of conventional wisdom that there were certain Marvel characters that absolutely, hands down, no-questions would never been in the Avengers. For the longest time, that “common-knowledge” list was kind of set in […]

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Daredevil Goes Hollywood

Compared to media juggernauts like Spider-Man or the Hulk, ol’ Hornhead hasn’t made that big of a pop-culture splash yet.  There was a fairly awful TV-movie back in the ’80s that teamed up the Hulk and Daredevil. Entitled TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK (in which the Hulk is never put on trial, by the way; […]

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Prepare for Blastoff

Nostalgia is a tricky beast. It means something a little different to everyone. For my father, nostalgia is a dog-eared copy of CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES that passed through his hands only briefly, reading it once, then selling it at an apple-crate stand outside his own father’s restaurant, to young servicemen sailing off to fight the […]

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Giving the Devil His Due

Giving the Devil His Due

With Mark Waid’s relaunch of DAREDEVIL currently reaping all kinds of well-deserved critical acclaim, it seems like a perfect time to look back at where it all began for Marvel’s Man Without Fear, and take a quick look at how things have changed over the years. Daredevil first appeared in April 1964 in the pages […]

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Who Asked You, Anyway, the 2011 Edition

Greetings, culture lovers. As I write this, I’m smack in the middle of what seems like the first real vacation for your humble professor in years and years. However, because I’m too neurotic to break “The Streak” (every Wednesday since 2003, don’t you know), I’m putting aside the figgy pudding and leftover turkey sandwiches for […]

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Bird Man? Really?

One of the best things about early Daredevil was the absolutely insane villains Stan was coming up with. Like, say, Bird Man and Cat Man.   You can read more about the issue by clicking here.

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Hey Kids, Christmas!

Christmas and comics don’t naturally seem like a match made in heaven, and to prove it, this week we’ll look at some of the oddest mash-ups between superheroes and the holiday season to have ever made their way down the chimney. First up, how about this defiantly geeky Spider-Man rooftop Christmas light rig? Whoever did […]

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Diane Tipton and her youngest son at his summer job in college. "My son the scholar..."

She Always Called Them Funnybooks

Editor’s Note: This week’s column is going to be something of a departure, so please bear with us, or else meet us back here next week for a return to the usual fare. So I lost my mom this week. My mother, Diane Ruth Tipton, passed away early Halloween morning after battling esophageal cancer for […]

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