So Many Goodbyes on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 23rd episode (“Battles Lost and Won”) had some really great moments. Sam encountering her dead mom (“All that remains of me is my love for you. Please you have to believe me.” Betty Buckley forever, please and thank you), who helped her overcome Reign. Alex and Kara bonding on the couch at the episode’s close. I mean, the first five minutes were all the heroes kicking ass and taking names. It was glorious.

But (you knew that was coming, right?) some of the choices were hard to swallow. It was great to see J’onn (David Harewood)and M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) have one last moment together, and I actually liked his decision to leave the DEO. But I’m a little fuzzy on his intentions. Is he just gonna be awesome, wear a fedora, and play jazz somewhere? Is he going to randomly help people? Because I’m pretty sure he was helping lots of people, working at the DEO.

And as much as I hate to say this, Alex’s fixation with having a family RIGHT NOW feels a bit off (granted, I love the position view of adoption the show has; it’s really awesome to see). It’s one thing to know you want a family eventually. But it’s another to put in your notice and then become director of the DEO. Because that position is somehow not dangerous? The thing is, Alex was great with Ruby, and I get that relationship was meant to establish her as mother-ready. But I have always appreciated how much pleasure Alex took in her job, how much ass she kicked, how capable and strong she was. I will absolutely miss that, if next season has her sauntering around the DEO.

I also found myself a bit perplexed by Winn leaving. Now, I love Jeremy Jordan, so I like it when he’s on my TV screen. And I do like how they set him up as being super important (only, wouldn’t have Brainy known that already?). I found his internal conflict brilliantly done: “You guys are my family, I can’t…that’s too hard.” Jordan sold it so well. Which is why I found myself thrown way off course when Jimmy interrupts his heartfelt moment to…talk about himself. Apparently, he’s that friend, and UGH. At this point, as much I like his Batman voice and that the show is using him better than they have in the past, I’m not invested in his character. I want to be, and there are moments where I am. But it largely falls flat. Although, I’ll be honest: I might simply be salty because Mehcad Brooks insists on referring to himself as a “gypsy,” despite it being a racial slur used against the Romany people, even in light of several people informing him of this. (I honestly stopped following him, because of it.)

Speaking of falling flat, Imra and Mon-El decided to part ways, only for Brainy to inform Mon-El that oops, he has to save the future. I think I would’ve appreciated this more if it had come from Imra. And I hate that it means he and Kara are parted, again. I know that Supergirl isn’t all about boys, and amen to that. But I was pulling for them to be happy, and this was more of a surprise pie in the face: “I learned some troubling things today, about the future. I need to go back. I can’t abandon the Legion.” Yes, he gave Kara a ring, and yes, Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist sold the hell out of that parting scene. Again, it was a genuine moment where two people care so, so much about each other. But they’re pulled in different directions. It’s sad, and the actors did a beautiful job. I just wanted more out of it.

The setup for next season, however, promises to be amazing. Lena is obviously scheming with the black/purple Kryptonian rock. There might be a second Kara wandering the world (will this one make a Star Wars reference too?). I sincerely hope that Lena isn’t going to be the Big Bad in season 4, because GIRL POWER, DAMN IT. And I hope we get to see Cat Grant next season (who do I need to beg or bribe?). Because man, there’s a void with her gone.

Despite my gripes, at the heart of the show, Kara shines as pure and good, even against those closest to her. A beacon in a difficult time, willing to listen, but always figuring out how to follow her heart. I think that, right now, that’s all a lesson we can take to heart. Things may seem impossible, but they aren’t. We just have to keep fighting and, perhaps, think outside the box.

Let’s just try and avoid any Kryptonian swamps, okay? XO


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