Reunions and Self-Reflection on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 20th episode (“Dark Side of the Moon”) had some interesting twists and surprisingly emotional moments. Surprise! Alura isn’t dead! At first, I was naturally suspicious of her and Argos. But it was a nice turn to have her be so remorseful, so grateful to see her daughter again. I’m still annoyed they recast the role, but Erica Durance did a great job in the part. I may have yelled at the TV when it was revealed the Priestess was on the council. Since she was the one who granted the gift, I’m side eyeing that hunk of rock like WHOA. Melissa Benoist did a fantastic job during the council scene and the corresponding voiceover. She brings a lot of depth to the role, an earnest grace. No look, gesture, or inflection is misplaced. Truly lovely and impressive.

While this episode didn’t give us much Mon-El, Chris Wood did a great job conveying a lot of emotions with a look. I mean, he spent a lot of his screen time beaming at Kara in that way someone gazes adoringly at someone they love. It was also great to see him saunter around doing good, exemplifying how far from the Daxxomite frat boy he’s come.

I had some issues with Winn’s initial treatment of Ruby after Alex dumped her in his lap. He was dismissive and then snapped at her, which seems incredibly out of character for him—even stressed out and sleep deprived. Given that they later bonded over parental issues, it would’ve made more sense for him to be kind and attentive to her from the get-go. That said, the scene between them in the conference room was pretty great: “No, I’m not [evil.] I’m just a jerk.” Definitely jerk-ish behavior, sir.

Alex’s storyline with Ruby was interesting. I could’ve done with a better villain trying to kill her. That part fell a little flat for me. But I did like how it looped around to her crisis of self: “It’s just baked into me. … the thing that I had to do to save myself is the very same thing that could’ve killed me. … Is it fair to the person I’m coming home to?” It was brilliant seeing her try to reconcile the two halves of who she is: the one who risks and the one who nurtures. Chyler Leigh is such a pleasure to watch as Alex, and if I’m saying that every week, um, hi—have you seen what she can do with her face?

The episode ends in chaos: Reign breaks out, and she and Kara launch themselves at each other. Meanwhile, Lena pushed the button that would kill Reign/Sam—which admittedly, she did for good reasons—but I imagine that will have some fallout down the line. I appreciated her internal struggle, and I think Katie McGrath portrayed it well. Her exchanges with Reign were pitch perfect. But I’m super ready for girls’ night and boy talk on the couch. Potstickers and wine, people. Let’s get back to bad guys wearing unfamiliar faces.


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