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It’s Not All Snake Eyes on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 21st episode (“Harry and the Harrisons”) was a charming vehicle to bring Amunet front and center. I’m not mad at it. While there wasn’t a whole lot of foundation for Amunet taking a spin as a semi-good/bad guy, it worked. And that’s because Katee Sackhoff is brilliant. She delivers her lines with the right combination of menace and snark, a glimmer of goodness running underneath, but not enough to keep her from cutting off someone’s snake eye.

Really, she’s an interesting character, and I thoroughly enjoyed her interactions with Caitlin. Watching her wheel and deal to come to an agreement—always looking to get something—was surprisingly charming. But then out of the blue, she confessed the truth about the splicer being a placebo. (That was not the turn I expected. I assumed the splicer would be broken.) It was a kind thing to do, and it added another layer to her character. It was a bit Glinda the Good Witch (except, you know, full of leather), given the “you’ve had the power all along” angle. But it worked. It was a poignant, powerful moment. And I can see a glimmer of an actual friendship between those two. I’m kiiiinda here for it.

Even though this episode was about finding a weapon to use against DeVoe, it was honestly a bit of a relief not to see the Evil Power Couple. It was a welcome change to get a side episode, where the Team bands together, and we get various interactions. Joe giving Caitlin advice was wonderful. It’s always clear when Joe’s going to give a Dad Talk, and they always land. Obviously, I enjoyed the Council of Wells. I mean, that has to be a lot of fun, getting to play bonkers versions of the same character. Although, they’re all kind of…jerks? I think, for the next council, there needs to be a super nice Wells who does something crazy, like a cooking show. Harrison Wells meets Julia Child. It would be hilarious.

I wasn’t terribly in love with Iris’ “let’s tell the people and crowdsource the DeVoe problem” plan. I mean, it felt like that terrible Jeremy Piven tv show Wisdom of the Crowd. Because holy gods, that idea is rife with disaster, because people can be unreliable, stupid, and mob-like when they’re scared. But Iris’ article did seem to give them information that they needed, so it seems like it will play out well. I will say that I loved Iris sticking to what she believes is right. She didn’t let Barry’s doubt sway her. And they discussed the matter like calm adults. Plus, Barry admitted Iris was right. That’s always a satisfying moment in a relationship. I mean…

Race you to next week, nerds.

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