Chiefly Creative – An Interview with Chris Ryall

This week on the show, we’re honored to welcome one of the most talented and influential publishers in the comic book arena.

Chris Ryall is the CCO of IDW Publishing. One of the fourth largest publishers of comic book content in America.

He leads as Creative Officer of a company that’s had almost 100 of their titles on the NY Times Bestseller list and whose comic titles have won every award from Harvey to Eagle to Eisner. A handful of which, he wrote and developed himself.

They’re a leader in licensed content, building the comic brands of GI Joe, My Little Pony, Transformers, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Godzilla, Judge Dredd and even the revitalized Disney characters we all love so much.

The company is also dedicated to the development and adaptation of their books into the world of Film, Television and Video Game adaptations.

30 days of night? IDW. Wynona Earp? IDW. Locke and Key? IDW. The soon-to-be filmed Zombies vs Robots series that Chris created with Ashley wood that Sony Pictures is producing? You guessed it. IDW.

Chris began his career in the Pop Culture world when he was hired by Kevin Smith to run the infamous MoviePoopShoot.com website. Just two years later, he was made Editor-in-Chief at IDW. How’s that for quick climbing?

He discovered Joe Hill before he even knew who is father was.

He’s brought long underappreciated industry legends back out into the light to do new and vital writing and art when the rest of the industry had forgotten how important they are.

He’s helped create new hardcover formats that the industry has never experimented with before and who now utilize for their own published content.

He’s raised tens of thousands of dollars for people who need a helping hand and given opportunities to new, developing talent when no one else was looking.

He’s also solidified his role as one of the industry’s most important historians, publishing Comics 101 with writer Scott Tipton. If you or someone you know has questions about the history and development of comic books, its characters, creators and industry they were developed in, I urge you to run out and grab a copy. It has “Start Here” written all over it.

And. And. He succeeded where all others before him failed and brought Rom the Spaceknight back into the world of comic book periodicals. I still can’t believe he pulled that off.

Faithful listeners, please welcome Chris Ryall.

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