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THE FLASH: Big Trouble in Gorilla City

The Flash’s 13th episode (“Attack on Gorilla City”) was charming. From Cisco’s Fay Wray reference to everyone calling Julian Indiana Jones, it was an entertaining episode. Yes, Harrison was kidnapped. And sure, Barry had to take a spin in an arena against Solovar (voiced by GOLIATH! Sorry, Keith David. But SQUEE!) in what Cisco called “Speedster vs. Super Gorilla. Best/worst video game ever.” (Snort.) But it was nice to see the Flash Gang in another setting, being a team. They shine brilliantly when they work together as a unit. No more lone wolfing it, please. Bad Wolf.

It goes without saying that we were all Julian when he asked, “Where are you going? Are you going to Planet of the Apes?” Speaking of Julian, he tagged along because he “lives for danger”—if ‘danger’ is code for Caitlin. After one drinks date, he’s smitten. And I know I should find it weird, because that’s mad fast. But Tom Felton imbues Julian with this endearing sincerity. He even finds a way to assuage Caitlin’s fears about being a danger (“Fear me, Julian. That’s not a threat. Just…good advice.”) and parlayed this into a dinner date. It was masterful. Sure, he cares a lot very fast, but hey, life is short.

Unfortunately, in a quest to a) save Harrison (success!) and b) prevent a future headline from happening, the Flash Gang kind of…enable it. Grodd manipulates everyone (Julian’s “Grodd the Gorilla? He’s talking through Wells? That’s a thing?” made me cackle. Felton’s inflection is fantastic). And as such, he becomes leader of the gorillas and has Gypsy as a backup to breach into Barry’s earth. (For the record, that is not how I wanted Gypsy to reappear. And I’m curious how it Grodd is controlling her. It would be a shame if her presence were a mere plot point necessity.) In short, rocks fall, everyone dies. Okay, not really. But future is not bright, no one put on their shades. His motto is “kill or be killed,” which does not exactly promise tea and biscuits.

To escape Gorilla City, Caitlin turns Barry into a Flash-sicle, who Grodd drags out of the cell, only to carelessly leave on a pile of bones. No, really. That happened. Harrison alerts the frozen Barry as to when Grodd is gone, who thaws himself by phasing. Serious question: if he were frozen enough to appear blue and dead…how? How did he hear anything? And how did he manage to phase if he was frozen enough to be…mostly dead? Not a deal breaker, obviously. But I am curious.

In less life-threatening news, Jesse and Wally reconnect. And it’s…weird. She’s cold and distant, and I honestly wasn’t sure this big of a connection was established between them for Wally to ask her to stay. But we’re going with it, because they’re adorable together. Seriously. It’s the most lit up I’ve seen Wally in forever. Plus, we got to see HR give pretty great romantic advice, despite not being able to “remember an ATM code if he tried.” Oh, Cisco (Francesco!), never change. I also enjoyed Harrison and HR being complete opposites and clashing. It is fun to see Cavanaugh play such different characters, and I adore each of them. Not easy to accomplish. I still miss Ed, though.

Of course, it’s a two-part episode, so the resolution happens next week, when the jungle comes to Star City. I hope for Julian’s sake that there are no snakes in addition to invading gorillas. Catch you then, kittens. XO


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