An Image of Beauty: a Review

Our modern world is a physical one. A world of gorgeous movie stars, high-end diets, and cosmetic surgery. People eat kale and water just to drop a few pounds; all in the quest for physical perfection. What if, in our visually-obsessed culture, all of this was actually achievable in one small step?


In Image Comics’ new title, The Beauty, a new kind of disease has struck the world, one that people actually try to contract. Symptoms include thicker hair, flawless skin, fat melting away, and a slimming of facial features. In short, a disease that makes you beautiful. How do you get this disease do you ask? Having sex with someone who already has “the beauty.” Welcome to a world where becoming perfectly gorgeous is just a one night stand away.

Writers Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley paint this new plagued world with such realism and insight, it will immediately entice you. Haun also serves as artist and his style adds great visuals to the difference between the average person and the “beauties,” as they are nicknamed, who practically glow off the page. The Beauty explores society split in half by the plague of attainable physical perfection. But is this seemingly flawless S.T.D. as perfect as it makes its victims look? Something is happening to the people who carry the beauty, something that the police can’t explain.

By the end of this issue you will be hooked, and probably be asking yourself how far would you go, what price would you pay, for Beauty?

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