Another Comic-Con Come and Gone

Another Comic-Con in the books, quite possibly one of the most productive and enjoyable ones ever. In a room with 140,000 people in it, you’d think you’d feel lost, but over and over I ran into friends old and new, with whom it was great to catch up and revel in our common geekiness.

Now, as is our tradition around these parts, let’s take a look at the Comic-Con that was with our annual SDCC Photo Essay!

11659269_10207295459574766_2218107066058148121_nIt’s always an odd feeling in the moments before the doors open and the crowds pour in. The calm before the storm.

11707548_10207295627298959_5802610839626016846_nAnt-Man here was only down on the floor on Preview Night, so I made sure to get a photo.

11705241_10207296205473413_2256494348220316921_nBelieve it or not, those action figures are 12 inches tall.

11695725_10207306340246776_6690416838410020971_nMy STAR TREK collaborators JK Woodward and David Tipton sign at the IDW booth.

11698598_10207296213553615_8377449538298495121_nGotta admit, Ben Affleck’s Batman armor looks pretty cool.

11695900_10207300090650540_110178093839010617_nThere was some Prattkeeping going on down on the floor.

11701074_10207302281345306_3031145536619321191_nThat’s a big Groot.

11745802_10207308502100821_5708062717426655619_nThe last few years I’ve fallen out of the habit of going to the Eisner Awards, and I’m really glad I went this year. It’s a great reminder of how much I love working in the comics industry, and how lucky I am to be a part of it. Shown here are IDW’s Eisner winners Eric Shanower, Chris Ryall accepting for Hall of Famer John Byrne, Gabriel Rodriguez, Scott Dunbier and Dean Mullaney.

11707546_10207308936551682_1853463206766818838_nI gotta get me a Quinjet.

11745772_10207308940671785_4163543034923720944_nThe Green Arrow takes a moment to record his podcast.

11701207_10207311194088119_2261759192306744288_nA real pleasure for me to finally meet my current collaborator on my new series THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTION, the amazing Ron Joseph, seen here with me and my co-writer David Tipton.

10464404_10207320817888708_7102734420740602447_nThe crowds aren’t just in the convention center any more. Just take a look at the Gaslamp District.

11742892_10207320820608776_7908974510298912060_nMe and Veronica.

11206093_10104428790969203_7018273861823260055_nTwo of my favorite people looking sharp at Comic-Con: cosplayer extraordinaire Kit Quinn and master propmaker Steven Meissner.

IMG_6218Captain Cold’s duds on display.

IMG_6228Raptors in profile.

IMG_6242Veronica presides over the madness at the Funko booth.

IMG_6268It’s Fett Knievel!

IMG_6291It’s the Fettketeer!

IMG_6511Mary Marvel and Hoppy look like they stepped right off the page.

See you next year, Comic-Con. Thanks for the great week.

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