Forgotten Lore – Recommended Reading

Just read the first installment of Forgotten Lore, and want to read more? Check out the following books, and if you’re in the North Hollywood area, stop by the store and look for the Forgotten Lore drawer in our Back Issue section to take these issues home!


Fear #17




  • 1st app. of Wundarr is a classic Gerber/Mayerik Man-Thing story.


Marvel Two-In-One #2-4, 8-9, 42-43, 53-58



  • Wundarr taken under the wing of Ben Grimm.
  • Captain America vs. the Cosmic Cube.
  • The Saga of Project Pegasus.



Thor #203 & 300




  • The first Young Gods.
  • Gaea and the Fourth Celestial Host.


Captain America Annual #7




  • Cap and Aquarian.
  • More Cosmic Cube lore.


Quasar #4




  • Aquarian with his group of disciples, just like the flashback in “The Prophet.”


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