A Holiday Coda

As Christmas of 2012 draws to a close, I thought I’d point out a heartwarming holiday tale that really highlights the kind of spirit and generosity you find in the geek community (Thanks to Ralph Garman for pointing this out).

There’s a severely disabled boy with Down’s Syndrome in Kentucky who’s a huge Iron Man fan, with Iron Man being one of the few things he ever responds to. The boy in question, Cameron, asked to meet Iron Man for Christmas this year, and his family reached out to the cosplay community to help make Cameron’s wish come true.

Sure enough, a cosplayer shot a video for Cameron in full Iron Man armor:

Cameron’s family shot a video of Cameron’s reaction to his message from Iron Man, and damned if it didn’t make my shriveled black heart grow three sizes:

Back to the usual fun and nonsense next week. In the meantime, try and spread a little cheer wherever you can. We could all be a little more like Iron Man.


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