My Favorite Nicknames of the Silver Age

I can’t lie. One of the aspects of Silver Age DC books that makes me the happiest is the nicknames given to the heroes and villains. Though the writers didn’t mind repetition in the storytelling, it was apparently boring to just say the superhero or villain’s name over and over. Thusly, inventive (ish) nicknames were born. Besides being funny, they really cemented the characters in my memory. I probably wouldn’t forget about Flash but giving him the moniker Scarlet Speedster has permanently placed him in my brain. Without further adieu, my favorite nicknames of DC’s Silver Age:

Green Lantern a.k.a. the Emerald Gladiator

I also like the Emerald Crusader, Green Crusader, and Green Gladiator.

Atom a.k.a. Tiny Titan

Catwoman a.k.a. Princess of Plunder

Elongated Man a.k.a. Ductile Detective

Batman a.k.a. Caped Crime-Fighter

Two-Face a.k.a. Twin Terrored Criminal

Captain Marvel a.k.a. Big Red Cheese

Flash a.k.a. the Scarlet Speedster (it’s my favorite)


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