Hey Kids, Christmas!

Christmas and comics don’t naturally seem like a match made in heaven, and to prove it, this week we’ll look at some of the oddest mash-ups between superheroes and the holiday season to have ever made their way down the chimney.

First up, how about this defiantly geeky Spider-Man rooftop Christmas light rig?


Whoever did this was a genius.

How about this Power Records album? I’ve never seen Batman this jolly…


By the way, you can actually listen to “Batman and the Christmas Carol Caper” by clicking here.

This collectible plate offered by the Warner Brothers gallery back in the days when there still were Warner Brothers galleries offers a more traditional, if surprisingly self-pitying, Bat-perspective on Christmas.


Someone get him a cookie or a glass of nog or something.

Then there’s the 1984 Marvel Super-Heroes Christmas Coloring Book.


My favorite details here are the characters hidden in the holly: Santa Claus, Iron Man, Captain America, the Rhino, the Green Goblin and the Red Skull. Because nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like a Nazi war criminal and the guy who threw your girlfriend off a bridge.

Wonder Woman seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit here in this issue of SENSATIONAL COMICS, were it not for the grizzled tommy-gun wielding thug crouched behind the chimney.


Hopefully she’s got a razor in her bag for that guy…

Even the Hulk can look particularly festive this time of year…


So was Bruce Banner wearing a Santa hat before he got angry? I’m confused.

This Harley Quinn Christmas ornament actually hung on my tree for many a year…


In case you were wondering, this particular holiday pinup was from a period in the early ’90s when Captain America was dating a supervillain from the Serpent Society. Who says careers have to get in the way?


Did you know DC Comics published RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER comics? Now you do.


This is from the French edition, which still doesn’t explain why Santa and Rudolph are riding a missile.

Santa even got into the team-up act with the Man of Steel back in the 1970s, in an issue of Superman’s team-up book DC COMICS PRESENTS:


Does Toyman have a blunderbuss? That’s gotta mean a stocking full of coal for him.

Finally, this little beauty was a TOYS R US exclusive few years back.


Love Spidey’s jumbo belt.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Thanks for hanging in with me for another year.

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