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Building a Better Lois

One of the frequently repeated talking points for the New 52 DC Comics revamp has had to do with the decision to dissolve the marriage of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, which has often been defended by the rationale that splitting up Superman and Lois “makes Lois a stronger character.” Clearly, these people never read […]

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Back Up in the Sky

  Hey, there are gonna be some SPOILERS below. I’ll try to keep the major stuff out, but you’ve been warned. Go see this movie, then read the review. Or don’t. I’m a preamble, not a cop. (Community reference)     I remember a few years back when a new Superman film came out. Starring […]

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Going to the Chapel (Again)

We’ve had some fun here in the past with Lois Lane’s propensity to marry, particularly in the 1960s, when it seemed like Lois was walking down the aisle every other month. In fact, we’ve had so much fun with it that we decided to do it again with LOIS LANE #89 (January 1969), “The Bride […]

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Cruel to Be Kind

We’re going to take another trip back to the Silver Age of Comics this week, since last week’s was so much fun. This time, we’ll be enjoying that special brand of emotional cruelty and callous humor at the expense of your loved ones that could only be found in the pages of SUPERMAN’S GIRLFRIEND, LOIS […]

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A Place to Get Away From It All

Last week’s Superman discussion got me thinking about the Fortress of Solitude, second only to the Batcave as the best known and most important superhero HQ in comics. Superman’s Fortress has been a part of the Superman mythology almost from the start, having been first introduced over 70 years ago, in the pages of SUPERMAN […]

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Superman For the Animals

One of my favorite things to do at comic book shops or at conventions is to spend time going through the sales boxes. You’ve all seen them. Long boxes stuffed with issues of anything and everything marked down to irresistible prices – sometimes as low as $0.25 each! I’ll admit that I occasionally use the […]

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Truth and Justice, Part II

For those of you coming in late, we’re in the middle of our three-part Super-symposium, an examination of the life and times of one Clark Kent. Last week, we discussed Mr. Kent’s origins, history, powers, weaknesses, family and love life. If you’d like, you can read about it by going here, or you can just […]

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Too Super for the Big Screen

Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL is only a month or so away, and I am, shall we say, cautiously excited. Having not really enjoyed a SUPERMAN movie since SUPERMAN II in 1980, I’m hoping to leave the theatre satisfied at least in some measure. Unfortunately, I know all too well that many of my favorite […]

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