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Deadshot Spotlight: Detective Comics #474

Floyd Lawton – AKA Deadshot – just made his big screen debut in Suicide Squad, played by Will Smith. I haven’t seen the film yet – hell, I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen any of the DC Extended Universe movies yet, but the idea of Will Smith playing a comic book villain is enough to […]

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First Appearance: Captain Boomerang

When you think about it, it wasn’t that long ago that a massive amount of comic book fans were unsure if a character like Thor would work on the big screen. Think about that for a second. Iron Man and Nolan’s Batman movies were already bringing new attention to the genre, but a huge amount […]

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They fell into kojic acid, which is used to lighten skin. Bleach and other acids sometimes makes dark hair turn green.

Someone has figured out what was in that vat of chemicals the Joker fell into.

Suicide Squad and the Reviews

I have seen dogs re-eat stuff that had more brains than some of the reviews of Suicide Squad. Review after review trots out half-baked considerations of plot or expectation. They say where their expectations aren’t met but I don’t think they could explain why they weren’t met. For example, they missed the centerpiece of the […]

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As we gear up to watch DC’s villains hit the silver screen this month with Suicide Squad, we at Blastoff are taking a look back at some highlights of the title’s past. Last time, we checked in on the current Rob Williams run, which is heavy on the Harley – always a good thing. Now, […]

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The State of the Suicide Squad

At the time of writing this, I have not seen the Suicide Squad movie. Despite the geek Internet throwing down in another vicious argument about a DC movie, I remain skeptically excited to check it out. Will Smith is maybe the most likeable leading man around, Margot Robbie’s Harley has been amazing in each of […]

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