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Stan Lee and the Lessons Learned

Some people, inexplicably, have that thing—an unmistakable, but unquantifiable, inner light. Like the sun radiating joy, but in human form. In my eyes, that was Stan Lee. He was a brilliant talent who gave the world so many gifts, who influenced the world and culture in ways that will shake out decades beyond. It’s mindboggling […]

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Remembering Stan

“It’s hard to believe that one vengeance-crazed man has trapped both the Spider-Friends and the X-Men! But he’s more than a man. He’s part robot, part living computer, and his mad scheme of revenge threatens to destroy the entire X-Men mansion, and everyone inside!” That is the voiceover narration from season 3, episode 7 of […]

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GONE TOO SOON: Stan the Man

It was 1995. I had just moved to Southern California after college and it was my first San Diego Comic-Con. And for the first time, I was in line to meet Stan Lee. Comic-Con wasn’t the total madhouse that it is today, so it was conceivable to just go to the Marvel booth, wait in […]

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Marvel Firsts: Fantastic Four #5

Five issues into The Fantastic Four, the heroes meet the supervillain that will become their arch-nemesis. (And, er, also the guy who kinda becomes Iron Man in 2017.) Introducing the dastardly, the deadly, the diabolical, the douchey… Doctor Doom. While the Fantastic Four are horsing around in the Baxter Building, a mysterious foe tosses an […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.