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Recharging WALL-E

Seeing Wall-E in theaters for the first time made me feel like a kid again. Yeah, in the whole childish wonder way, but it made me think of a specific memory. When I was really young, I loooooved 101 Dalmatians. I was obsessed with Dalmatians, terrified of anyone even whispering the name Cruella De Ville, […]

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A Flying Steed, Marital Problems, and an Unhealthy Relationship with Beer

College English departments very often classify their faculty by the era of literature in which they specialize. The Beowulf and Chaucer guy is a Medievalist, the Shakespeare folks are Renaissance, the professors focusing on Thoreau and Emerson are Americanists, and anyone who touches something written after the early 1900s is a Modernist. If Blastoff were […]

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Surf’s Up – Reviewing SIlver Surfer #1

Okay, so this was awesome. As a part of the All-New Marvel Now! program, Silver Surfer kicked off with a new #1 this past April. The writer? Dan Slott, who is famous for the amazing number of Spider-Man comics he’s written since taking the reins of that title, infamous for killing Peter Parker and putting […]

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Anatomy of a First Issue: Sandman #1

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, which ran from 1988 – 1996, totaling at 75 regular issues, is arguably the definitive title that put Vertigo on the map. Originally published as a DC title, much like Alan Moore’s The Saga of the Swamp Thing, The Sandman moved to Vertigo with its forty-seventh issue. As I dialed back […]

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Spotlight on: Daytripper

Daytripper hit the comics industry like a punch to the gut in 2010. Garnering critical acclaim from reviewers and their peers, creators Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba teamed up with Vertigo for this ten-issue series about the life and many deaths of an introspective obit writer who aspires to be an author. Like many of […]

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UNDERRATED @ VERTIGO: The Exterminators

Vertigo is responsible for some of the best comics in the history of the medium. The early nineties saw the publication of series such as Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, Grant Morrison’s Animal Man, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher, and graphic novel reprints of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V for Vendetta, encompassing a sort […]

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Spider-Woman: Origin

There’s a lot of drama bubbling up in the industry about the Spider-Woman series Marvel is planning this year. From the variant cover by erotic artist Milo Manara, to the choice of interior artists, the series has been a veritable lightning rod for controversy. In light of all of that going on, I figure now […]

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The YA of It All: The Future of Teen Comic Book Films

So, here’s a thing about me. When I’m not scripting about one-eyed archers and chronologically recontextualized* vampire hunters for Zenescope or writing articles about the copious amounts of comic books I read for Blastoff, I’m very likely reading some YA. Young Adult literature, as a genre, is financially boomin’ like never before and, as a […]

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Feels abound.

Avengers Academy: Cult Classic

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a well-written and well-drawn comic book about a team of teenage superheroes will have a short but critically acclaimed run and will, in no time at all, develop into a cult classic. Runaways, Avengers Academy, and Young Avengers at Marvel are the most immediate examples that come to […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.