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Farewell, Spidey

Amazing Spider-Man #50 is an iconic cover. It shocked many (those that bought into it) that thinking that the brand-new popular superhero Peter Parker is already giving up and quitting being Spider-Man. His crime-fighting career barely started! Much like the death of a superhero, at first, it would be shocking, but when done over and […]

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Free Comic Book Day: Nerd Christmas in May

There’s only one day each year that I look forward to more than Christmas and it comes the first Saturday of every May: Free Comic Book Day. The idea originated from Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics, a comic-book store located in Concord, Ca. Free Comic Book Day was to encourage the awareness of graphic […]

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Worst Avenger Ever: Meet Starfox

The Avengers are known to all as Earth’s mightiest heroes. They are the Marvel equivalent of the Justice League and are one of the two most recognized teams in Marvel (the other being X-Men). Yet, from time to time, we collectively scratch our heads, as we can’t figure out the logic behind why certain characters […]

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Life Looks Better From Inside a Giant Clam

Ahhh….the Silver Age. Whenever I hear those two words alongside one other, I start to giggle. Not a small giggle as one would emit watching a kitten ride a tortoise on YouTube, but an uncontrollable giggle that leads to an uproar of laughter. The Golden Age was the birth of our heroes. The writing may […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.