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The Comics Rack

All this month, we’ll be helping Children’s Hospital Los Angeles‘ Make March Matter campaign, which aims to raise over a million dollars in March alone for CHLA through the efforts of its corporate partners, among which we are proud to be numbered.  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles sees over 528,000 patient visits annually, and is the […]

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Future Memories

I’ll never forget the summer of 1985. I had just completed my first year of high school, become infatuated with a girl for the first time and it was the summer I saw Back to the Future. Sure, the summer was packed with memorable movies, and not like today with sequel after sequel, no, 1985 […]

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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friend (Me!)

I read once that they did a study on recognizable superheroes and that Spider-Man was far and away the top dog.  Seems like a no-brainer when you consider that the only film to beat a Star Wars movie at the box office for the year was the cinematic debut of the web slinger in 2002.  […]

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Saturday Morning Superheroes

I grew up in the 1970s – a magical time when sharks kept people off the beach, farm boys toppled galactic empires and superheroes were on television every Saturday morning.  With the advent of DVDs, downloads and DVRs, the golden age of Saturday-morning cartoons is all but a footnote in television history.  Before you could […]

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Writer on the Edge of Forever

I grew up in the ‘80s, and while I never had a weekend of searching for dead bodies while avoiding trains and Kiefer Sutherland or searching for pirates gold with a guy obsessed with Rocky Road candy bars, I did have an overnight slumber party in which my friend Erik had smuggled in a book […]

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Buck to the Future

In 1979, while in the throes of both a whirling dervish of Star Wars mania and a feverish countdown until the 1980 release of the first sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, I was whisked away to the theatre to watch the latest sci-fi adventure to hit the big screens, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.  […]

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Romancing the Duck

With Back to the Future filling movie theaters all across the country in 1985, it was easy to see that the main cast members were definitely going to be back on the screen for years to come. Lea Thompson was already well on the road to finishing her next big project, one that she was […]

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The Fairly Odd Figures

Collecting Kenner Star Wars Action Figures became my entire life starting in Christmas 1978. That was the first Christmas that Star Wars toys were widely available in stores. The modern day equivalent would be the recent phenomenon of Frozen, where Disney had no idea how popular the movie was going to be and didn’t have […]

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The End of the Line

In 1985, the long reign of the original Kenner Star Wars toy line was sadly coming to an end.  With no new film on the horizon and nothing to keep the Star wars flame going in the public eye, interest was waning and Kenner was stuck watching the toy aisle, long dominated by Jedi and […]

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Mail-Away Memories

Ah, the Mailman. Was there anyone more anticipated in the late 1970’s by Star Wars fans? I can remember waiting by the mailbox every day for weeks waiting for him to deliver a certain package. You see, Kenner Products, the company who made Star Wars toys had an incredible promotion that electrified kids all over […]

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The Town That Toons Built

In the 1988 landmark film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, hardboiled detective Eddie Valiant (played perfectly by Bob Hoskins) must overcome his prejudice against cartoon characters and defend lovable Roger when it looks like the rabbit is going to be executed for murder.  You see, it wasn’t that long ago that a “Toon” dropped a safe […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.