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Roadrunner Comics: Translatius Strangius

Last week we discussed the odd phenomenon of translating animated cartoons into comic books, focusing on the Pink Panther, if you recall. Well, by special request, we’ll be returning to the topic this week, for the benefit of a certain reader who demanded to know what a “BEEP BEEP THE ROAD RUNNER” comic looked like. […]

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More money, but these cartoons will not entertain as long as Plastic Man will

Krazy Kat and Plastic Man

Comic books started with comedy, and have returned to it in its down periods ever since. Originally, comic books reprinted newspaper comic strips. This is where we get the ‘comic’ in comic books. Superheroes and drama took over – mostly. There were still comic sidekicks almost none of whom are ever remembered by anyone except […]

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Looking at LIMBO

Forget everything you think you know about noir. Forget the P.I., the dame, the crime boss, the gritty city they’re all stuck in… except don’t. Limbo takes all those tropes and throws them in a blender with some neon lights and 80s music. The result is one hell of a comic that everyone should be […]

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The Wookiee Goes Solo

Rhawk-Arrgh, rrrooaarrgghh! That’s Shyriiwook (AKA Wookiespeak) for “May all the forces be with you!” Who doesn’t remember the big walking carpet from the beloved Star Wars trilogy? While he did have lines, he obviously never said anything all but the most avid Wookie fans could understand. Therefore, this issue really caught my interest simply because […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.