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THE FLASH: Can’t Touch This

The Flash’s 12th episode (“Untouchable”) was all about learning, although it did so in different ways. Sure, we learned that on HR’s Earth, Al Capone was the vice president. And we learned that Barry and Wally have a healthy competitive streak. But there were more serious lessons. Iris finally cracked and told Joe the truth […]

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Great Scott! THE FLASH Goes Back to the Future

The Flash’s 10th episode (“Borrowing Problems From the Future”) was a mesh of hopeless and hopeful. There are sweet, couple-y moments between Barry and Iris (guys, I love their new place, furnishing included. Is it bad that I’m jealous of fictional characters? Because yeah.). And then there’s having to re-watch the future, which means seeing […]

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THE FLASH: Teachable Moments

The Flash’s third episode (“Magenta”) deals with a lot in an hour. Julian is still as friendly as a quietly seething cactus. And I have to say, it’s a pleasure to watch. Tom Felton manages to steal every scene and not just because I’m waiting for him to go full Slytherin. Felton brings a snark […]

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THE FLASH: Accio, Awesomeness!

The second episode (“Paradox”) of The Flash’s third season was all about repairing what’s been broken—only, that’s impossible. Over Chinese food, Barry has a meltdown with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards, from Arrow): “I made a big mistake. I just couldn’t take it anymore, you know?” In true Felicity fashion, she cheers him on and calls […]

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Love, Grief, and Stupidity on THE FLASH

The Flash’s season finale (“The Race of His Life”) was good and bad. Obviously, Barry is devastated over the loss of his dad. The episode picks up where the last left off, allowing Grant Gustin to shine in his soul-deep grief. It is well done and believable, as is the funeral scene that follows later. […]

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Hitchcock and Hearts on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 22nd episode (“Invincible”) gives us a very upbeat, almost Pollyanna version of Barry Allen. He’s earnestly positive and totally convinced that good will prevail and that all it takes is a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down. So to speak. And that’s absolutely true—right up until the moment it […]

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Let me start off with a confession: I adore Kevin Smith. Dogma is one of my favorite movies. He’s from Jersey, just like me. I enjoy his work. When I heard he was directing an episode of The Flash, it made me happy. And I’m glad to say that episode 21 (“The Runaway Dinosaur”) had […]

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Risk and Rupture on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 20th episode is aptly titled: “Rupture.” Because just about everything breaks. (Yes, Rupture’s also the name of a meta human from Earth 2, who wields a flaming scythe and goes after Cisco in a very Inigo Montoya way: You’re Princess Bride-ing me right now. You must have me mixed up with somebody else, […]

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You’re Only Human: THE FLASH Slows Down

The Flash’s 19th episode (“Back to Normal”) is anything but normal. Barry’s powerless and in the throes of a series case of moping. He has to wait in line for coffee, y’all. That’s just cruel. But in all seriousness, I get it. Going from hero (meta human) to zero (plain old human) is quite a […]

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THE FLASH: Who’s Zooming Who?

Season 2, episode 18 (“Versus Zoom”) of The Flash was rife with frustration, both mine and the characters. It did give us a disturbing glimpse into Jay’s backstory, drawing a neat little parallel between what might’ve happened to Barry, if Joe (the ever-fabulous Jesse L. Martin) hadn’t taken him in as a child. But back […]

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Flash Fact: DC Gets It Right

Now THAT’s what I’m talking about. The premiere episode of the CW’s new FLASH television series was a prime example of how to do everything right when you’re adapting a long-running (no pun intended) classic comics character to TV. Sure, you can change a lot of the details, modernize things, add a little more darkness […]

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Flash Knows Best

When I think of families in comic books, the word that comes to mind first is tragedy. I don’t turn to comics to get feel-good stories about relatives. That’s not to say they don’t exist or to say it’s the way it should be, but so many heroes have devastating backstories involving their parents’ death! […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.