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Buffy Lives!

I was shopping at Borders – let’s all take a moment to shed a tear for the fallen – when I saw it. They had a little Buffy the Vampire Display, showcasing the novel Queen of the Slayers and the latest installment of the BtVS magazine, which featured a smarmy Spike on the cover. Having […]

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 And in DC or Marvel this much blood would not happen and certainly not with a female

Looking at “Lazarus”

In comic books, superhero is the king of genres. But over time there has been strong representation of other genres like war, horror, cowboy, humor, science fiction, police, and romance. Some genres, like the family saga and literary have never found a place in comics: Odyssey can be a comic but Ulysses never will be. […]

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Revisiting “The Sword”

Ever since I was a kid, I was an obsessive completist – to a fault. There were periods of time where I thought about nothing but getting every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure and vehicle. After that, it was Jurassic Park toys, and then The Lion King merch. That sort of (entirely geeky) need […]

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A New Icon: Reading LADY KILLER

Okay, I’ll admit it. I know I’m in the minority here, but my interest level in James Bond and characters like him – the debonair spy with cars, sex, and the mission on the mind – rests a little below absolutely none. Lady Killer, a series by powerhouse artist Joelle Jones and renegade writer Jamie […]

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In Her Satin Tights, Fighting For Your Rights

Quick, name a female-driven superhero movie.  Sure, that’s easy: Catwoman, Elektra and Aeon Flux.  Wait, I forgot to add the word successful to that request. Ah, it’s much harder, now isn’t it?  Supergirl?  Sure, she’s coming to CBS television this fall, but the verdict on whether she’s able to “fly” or not has yet to […]

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Something Magic: On the Magic of Rachel Rising

Something magical happens every month, and I’d like to keep it that way. Eight years ago, on June 13th 2008, Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise ended a fourteen year run that spanned continents and decades, blurring the lines between what we remember about love and how it actually happened, breaking down barriers in the comics […]

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The Blastoff Art Gallery – Dangerous Dames

Our theme this month is “Dangerous Dames,” following up on our LADY KILLER event here in North Hollywood last weekend, and celebrating it with a new banner is our Artist-in-Residence Elena Casagrande, who gives us Batwoman, Storm, Captain Marvel and Harley Quinn enjoying a “Girls’ Night Out”:

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.