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Jumping-On Point: Captain America #1 (2005)

  If you’ve been even slightly paying attention to the comic book industry in the past few years, you’ve surely heard a good amount of praise for Ed Brubaker’s run as writer on Captain America. In a run that began in 2005 and ran until the Marvel Now! relaunch in 2012, spanning more renumberings and […]

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Captain America and The First Thirteen

Hats Off to Peggy Carter

Captain America: The First Avenger was the movie that made me feel excited to explore the world of superhero comics. Steve Rogers was no small part of that – I enjoy a hero who isn’t brooding and the pleasant manners are a plus – but Peggy Carter factored into my enthusiasm, too. Played by Hayley […]

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Looking Back on CAPTAIN AMERICA #342

The details are fuzzy, but I remember that my uncle dropped off a box of used comics at my house when I was five or six years old. The box included the first comic I ever read – Stephen King’s CREEPSHOW – along with some issues of Force Works, Batman, some Peter David Hulk action, […]

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…Featuring Captain America!

In 2004, Ed Brubaker began a critically acclaimed run as writer of Captain America. There’s a reason it was critically acclaimed – it was fantastic on pretty much every imaginable front. It took the best of the spy genre, infused it with noir and sci-fi, and pretty much redefined both the title and the eponymous […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.