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Marvels Could Be a True Story

What if superheroes were real? It’s crossed most of our minds – comics readers or not. Our world may not have alien invaders, but it needs saving all the same. There’s plenty for superheroes to stand against and fight, but I don’t know if we’re ready to accept them. I’d like to think so, that […]

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The Man of Tomorrow

Continuity, Superman, and Alan Moore

Continuity is a tricky beast. When you’re telling stories about a character for years or decades, there have to be common ties. You need consistent places, familiar villains, and constants that can revolve around and tangle with the protagonist’s ongoing story. Ten years of one shot issues or unrelated mini-series don’t work as well. You […]

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Three Years of Roses

V for Vendetta was the first comic I read. Well, almost. I remember having some Muppet Babies comics when I was very young, but to be honest I mostly colored in them (I was like four!). I’d watched and liked the movie, and I wanted to know more about the story that inspired it. That’s […]

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Horror Still Isn’t For Me

I’ve figured it out. I can tolerate horror in comics because I can’t be scared by the thing that jumps out of the dark. In movies and TV shows and even books to some degree, there is always that scene that is created just so a terrifying something can come out from behind the corner […]

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Voodoo Man cover

Not Just Another Dracula Story

Some stories never die. Some are never finished or can be turned upside down and torn apart and told dozens of different ways. Some characters in these stories are just that compelling. They deserve hundreds of pages of examining their origins and adventures. And sometimes, well, I think writers lean on already established legends because […]

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Horror in Comics

Horror is subjective. What you find silly might scare me and vice versa. I refuse to watch slasher films like Halloween or Freddy because I know they’ll give me nightmares; most people I know find those same movies laughable. Imagery, gore, violence, the supernatural – we all react to them differently. I can’t read books […]

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Solve Everythng

Looking Up to Reed Richards

I might just admire Reed Richards more than any other superhero. He’s likable, he’s intelligent on a level few of us can comprehend, he’s loyal to his team, he’s protective of his family, he’s kind – he has an everyday guy sort of vibe despite his talents. He could so easily be arrogant or bitter. […]

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FF Cover

A Breath of Fresh Air

I tend to catch up on most of my television on Netflix these days. I pick one of the many series from my “to-watch” list (it’s embarrassingly long) based on what I’m in the mood for and how many seasons the show lasted. If I like it, I’ll watch episode after episode. I inhale them […]

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Sue Storm and Star Wars

Sue Storm, Modern Woman

Sue Storm is a woman of many talents. Superhero. Wife. Mother. Generally awesome. And I don’t just like her because she quoted Star Wars in “Childhood’s End:”   It didn’t hurt, but it’s not the only reason I admire the Invisible Girl. I respect the way she is able to balance her life. She delivers […]

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Creative Team

The Silver Age Did It Right

Is it weird to be nostalgic for a time period you weren’t around for to enjoy? Technically, I guess it’s not possible. But as I’ve read over a handful of Marvel Silver Age books this month, I can’t help but daydream about being a comic book reader in that time. It was a period of […]

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Tiny But Mighty

I’m impressed with Ant Man. He’s one of the smallest superheroes there is, but wrong-doers are afraid of him regardless. They speak of Ant Man with respectful, slightly fearful tones. They talk about how they can’t get away with anything now that he’s on the radar. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and word […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.