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Secrets Come Out on SUPERGIRL

Episode 15 of Supergirl (“Solitude”) is rife with connections, quips, and revelations. There were some hilarious lines, and I am now fully on board the Winn train—and not just because he mentioned Doctor Who. Alex is carrying around an entire universe of guilt still over Astra’s death. Kara refuses to return to the DEO, since […]

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Alliances, Allegiances, and a Song on AGENT CARTER

In this week’s Agent Carter double-header (“The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance”), allegiances are tested, faked, and then tested again. With Ana in a coma, Jarvis is a broken man. When he is bargaining out of grief at her bedside, his emotions are palpable and beautifully done. When she finally wakes […]

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Truth and Chains on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 14th episode (“Truth, Justice and the American Way”) draws attention to how a person’s truth affects their actions. For Non, his truth is simple: to honor his deceased wife Astra, he includes Kara in her funeral rites. The sky burial is swift and yet heart-wrenching, purposefully airborne to symbolize that the Kryptonians may live […]

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Of Angst and Monsters on AGENT CARTER

Agent Carter’s episode six and seven double-header (“Life of the Party” and “Monsters”) is full of twists, turns, and a $1,000 bottle of wine. It also broke my heart a little, but we’ll get to that.   The crux of “Life of the Party” is the need to get a tissue sample from Whitney Frost […]

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Choices and Family on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 13th episode (“For the Girl Who Has Everything”) had a surprising amount of emotional weight for a story about a symbiotic plant monster. (Maxwell Lord called it a “messed-up daffodil,” but it looked more like an evil rose octopus to me.) Kara, in a sort of coma, wakes up on Krypton—with everything she ever […]

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Agent Carter, Episode 4, “Smoke & Mirrors”: Getting What They Want

Agent Carter’s fourth episode (“Smoke & Mirrors”) is full of revelations, evolutions, and history. It’s true that everyone is shaped, in part, because of their past—and Peggy Carter is no exception. Neither, for that matter, is Whitney Frost, nee Agnes Cully. These two couldn’t be more dissimilar in personality, but the cores of the characters […]

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Opposite Day on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s episode 12 (“Bizarro”) was chockful of complicated relationships, beginning with Maxwell Lord (doing a decent approximation of Dr. Frankenstein) creating Bizarro. This raises the question: is evil born or made? Certainly, Lord mercilessly pumped at least seven people full of concentrated Supergirl DNA, before succeeding. And yes, he went a bit A Clockwork Orange […]

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Villains, Coffee, and Hijinks on AGENT CARTER

Agent Carter’s third episode (“Better Angels”) is a delightful romp, with interestingly sharp undertones. If there’s one thing that sums up Peggy Carter, it’s something she says midway through the episode: “I’m going to poke the bear.” Peggy never sits idly by, which is evident in the opening scene, where she’s the only agent who […]

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AGENT CARTER Dazzles in L.A.

The double-header premiere of Agent Carter’s season two (“The Lady in the Lake” and “A View in the Dark”) starts off with action, misdirection, wit, and a smashing hat. Peggy (played by the charming Hayley Atwell) captures Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan), who was wearing an approximation of Peggy’s trademark red hat. Dottie was in the […]

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Blood Bonds and Bond-esque Villains on SUPERGIRL

Episode nine of Supergirl (“Blood Bonds”) is a subtler episode with more emotional weight than the previous ones. The season, so far, has built up a solid foundation of characters and curiosity, yielding enough growth and development to teach veteran shows a thing or do. We pick up where we left off: Supergirl and Non […]

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A Look Back at SUPERGIRL: The Movie

Apparently, when I was a kid I was totally obsessed with the Supergirl movie from 1984. But before I sat down to watch it recently, I had no recollection of the movie. Turns out, it is a delightful cheesefest that’s not big on logic. The cast, truly, is what makes the film amazing. Peter O’Toole. […]

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