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The Rule of Three on SUPERGIRL*

Supergirl’s 17th episode (“Trinity”) was rife with the usual humor (Brainy is unintentionally hilarious), while being packed with struggle. Whether the Trinity refers to Reign, Pestilence, and Purity (Krys Marshall was fantastic, fyi)—or Kara, Alex, and Lena—this episode was about allegiances and alliances. All were tested or proven. It was good to see Alex kick […]

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Clashes, Revelations, and Reunions on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 16th episode (“Of Two Minds”) had a fair amount of humor (Yoda! Freddy Krueger! Winn recognizing Brainy when no else did! Post-illness Alex quipping that Winn is a suckup!), but plot advanced slower than I’d like. To be fair, there was a lot going on in the episode. Alex and Winn nearly died (leading […]

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Captain Cold Lends a Hand on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 19th episode (“ Fury Rogue”) gave us Snart! Well, Earth-X Snart, but maaaan, I cannot get over how wonderful Wentworth Miller is. The writing for him is always stellar (and I love that the show doesn’t shying away from making it insanely clear that Nazis are bad, because Nazis? ARE BAD.), whether he’s quipping, […]

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Love in the Age of Lost Time on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 15th episode (“In Search of Lost Time”) dealt with some heavy issues, all centering around loss. In a way, Kara, Mon-El, M’yrnn, and Sam have all lost time in different ways. For Kara, Mon-El has returned to her, grown up and a better man. And it kind of wrecks her. But it also (through […]

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Loss and Addiction on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 18th episode (“Lose Yourself”) made me shout at the screen and eventually cry. From Harry going full-on Gollum to Caitlin losing her powers to DeVoe killing Ralph—it was an action-packed episode. There were robot samurais and heartfelt speeches (from both Joe and Ralph). The other remaining bus meta, Edwin, was a rather hilarious […]

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The Past Is Prologue on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 14th episode (“Schott Through the Heart”) is full of humor, heartbreak, and flying monkeys. No, really. (And it was a fantastic Wizard of Oz shoutout.) This episode was all Jeremy Jordan, front and center, bringing emotional depth, quickly followed by a wisecrack. His mother, Mary (the wonderful Laurie Metcalf), also had a thing for […]

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Confronting Difficult Truths on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 17th episode (“Null and Annoyed”) had some poignant moments, humor, and a lot of WTF. From the Ninja Turtles to Willy Wonka to From Dusk Till Dawn, the references were plenty. And while the central storyline served as a vehicle for character development (Barry’s—because of his recognition of Ralph), I was super excited […]

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A Speedster Freaky Friday on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 16th episode (“Run, Iris, Run”) started off incredibly strong. The Cisco quips (“We’re not Frankenstein-ing innocent people.” and asking Harry, “And which [degree] is in Mad Science?”) were hilarious. Honestly, Harry and Cisco banter is always aces, given the begrudging and sometimes snarky affection between them. That aside, I knew that this episode […]

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Bombs, Love, and Grief on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 15th episode (“Enter Flashtime”) was an interesting way to bring characters together (Jesse! Killer Frost! Jay!), while tackling some issues. Given the circumstances (time slowed down, nuclear bomb etc.), it wasn’t as quippy as usual. I mean, I suppose it’s difficult to be funny and try and get rid of a bomb. Just […]

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Somethin’ Bad on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 14th episode (“Subject 9”) was filled with feelings, but it was a bit clunky overall. The major source of tension is Izzy, a fiddle-playing country singer who Ralph cares for faster than I can decide what coffee to buy at Starbucks. It turns out her powers can hurt DeVoe, and Team Flash decides […]

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Body-Switching Shenanigans on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 13th episode (“True Colors”) displayed the heart of a lot of the characters, ranging from Becky being kind and doing good to Ralph stepping up to multiple challenges to Amunet snarking her way through a series of plans gone awry. One of my favorite things had to be Killer Frost giving Ralph a […]

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Love and the Enemy Within on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 13th episode (“Both Sides Now”) had a lot of Jekyll and Hyde moments (Purity vs. Julia, Sam vs. Reign), peppered with humor and heart-wrenching moments. I’ve said it before, but Odette Annable is absolutely exquisite in the role, teetering on the edge, between fragile and fierce, shifting between terrorizing and feeling fear. The anguish […]

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A Tiny Problem on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 12th episode (“Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”) was hilarious, well written, adorable, and poignant. This show has made me laugh a whole lot this season, which is such a win. The writers are absolutely crushing it (Cisco quipping, “Eh, never trust a mustache, I always say.” And Harry snarking, “Gorilla prison is worse. […]

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