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Everybody’s All-American

By 1941, public opinion on whether or not the U.S. should get involved in the fighting in Europe was decidedly mixed. One place that wasn’t quite so conflicted was the comic books, particularly the comics published by Timely. Having already had a taste of success with Carl Burgos’ Human Torch feature and Bill Everett’s Sub-Mariner […]

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You’re Not Finished With Us Yet!

So many of you have come in to see us this week to take advantage of our sale and say goodbye, And as of last night, many of you commented that the shop didn’t look right with so many empty shelves. We completely agree. So last night, after we closed the doors, we rolled up […]

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To Our North Hollywood Family

“A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.” – The Vision, Avengers: Age of Ultron It is with much regret that we announce that Blastoff will be closing its doors at the end of July. Why? Opportunities arose that could not be passed up, and with Jud’s recent move to San Diego to take on the […]

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Celebrating Harlan

It was one year ago today that we lost the great Harlan Ellison. In a lot of ways, Harlan was kind of the patron saint of BLASTOFF, encouraging us and supporting us even before we had the store open, when Jud and I were just setting up the online business. And his trusting us to […]

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Marathoning the MCU

So about six weeks before AVENGERS: ENDGAME came out, I began re-watching the entire Marvel Studios filmography and commenting about it on social media. Just because, I guess. (Although truth be told, I didn’t finish until much after ENDGAME’s debut, for reasons not worth getting into here.) With ENDGAME poised to return to theatres with […]

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One of the things Jud and I are proudest of when it comes to Blastoff is our podcast, which ran throughout 2017. We wanted our podcast to be just how we had envisioned the store and the website: steeped in comic-book history and emotionally relevant. All of these podcasts are the work of many hands: […]

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I Love the Parts You Never Saw

When Jud and I opened BLASTOFF seven years ago, it was important to us to be a different kind of comic-book store. And we’d often be complimented about our store’s appearance, which was certainly gratifying. But we wanted to be different not merely in appearance and practice, but in philosophy. In my many years of […]

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They Came From Inner Space

I’ve been thinking a lot about Bill Mantlo in recent days, the amazing cinematic success being enjoyed by his creation Rocket Raccoon, and the tragedy of Mantlo’s own medical condition. Mostly, though, I’ve been thinking about what a great writer Bill Mantlo was. Which made me want to go back and re-present this look at […]

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Forgotten Heroes: The Airfighters, Continued

Last week, we were talking about the forgotten heroes of World War II comics, Hillman’s Airfighters, and their star attraction, Airboy, a kid pilot with an amazing robot plane named Birdie. Let us continue: In time, Airboy becomes an authorized if unofficial member of the Air Force, often going out on missions at the behest […]

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Forgotten Heroes

First: a disclaimer: We’ll be discussing comics published during a particularly incendiary period in our nation’s history. It’s no secret that the portrayal of minorities in all forms of American media in the 1940s was often stereotypical and demeaning, and the fervor of wartime patriotism during World War II ratcheted the rhetoric up even further. […]

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A big thank-you to Vera Magazine, the official magazine of Virgin Atlantic, for naming us one of the five best comic-book shops in the world!

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