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Black Hole by Charles Burns is a book I’ve been meaning to read for about as long as I’ve been steadily reading comics. Its cover is striking, presenting next to no information to the reader but still creating an anxious mood with the simple image of a high schooler forcing an uncomfortable smile for a […]

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Draining the D.C. Swamp: Wherein Josh Jabcuga revisits the murky waters of Wes Craven’s cult creature feature Swamp Thing.

“This way or no way You know I’ll be free Just like that bluebird Now, ain’t that just like me?” “Lazarus” by David Bowie, from the album Blackstar. *** “Dream the dreams of other men You will be no ones rival A distant time A distant space That’s where we’re living A distant time A […]

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Of Luck and Chess on THE FLASH

The Flash’s third episode (“Luck Be a Lady”) was both amusing and jaw-dropping, a balance of wit and sadness. The return of Harry (hooray!) meant delivering a break up cube (boo—and dear god, that’s worth that Russell Brand breaking up with Katy Perry via text…and yes, I know way too much about random pop culture). […]

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Playing Fair

Some characters you like and you don’t even know why. There’s no good reason I should have liked Mr. Terrific as a kid. No super powers, a bad costume, a hopelessly old-fashioned name, and yet, for some reason, he’s always been a sentimental favorite, even though by the time I was first introduced to the […]

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The Unexpected and Expected Judgment on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s third episode (“Far From the Tree”) was jam-packed with a case full of feels. While it was obviously about connections (family, specifically—those born to us and the ones we choose), the episode was an exercise in contrasts, with Maggie’s dad, Oscar (played by the lovely Carlos Bernard) pulling ahead for Asshat of the Year. […]

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MONSTROUS COMICS! American Vampire

Scott Snyder’s Wytches blew up the independent comics scene when the first issue sold over 90,000 copies – a huge achievement for any comic, but completely stunning for creator-owned debut. In part due to Snyder’s proven track record of dynamic and compelling narratives that are novelistic in their approach to characters and theme, readers know […]

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Hellblazing Under a Marquee Moon

So, you think you know all there is to know about John Constantine, eh? You’ve read every issue of Swamp Thing from Alan Moore forward, as well as each iteration of Hellblazer and Constantine, including miniseries, one-shots, and guest spots in other titles. You’ve devoured Neil Gaiman’s The Books of Magic and its several sequels, […]

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THE FLASH: (Re)Unions Are Hard

The Flash’s second episode (“Mixed Signals”) hit all the right notes (not unlike Shubert). It was funny, charming, and heartfelt—a lighthearted, but powerful confrontation of truths. The Flash Gang is back together again. Cisco is wonderfully quippy (“Dude, I’m protecting you from her. She would’ve vaporized you guys.” and “You just had to fall for […]

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He’s a Man of Wealth and Taste, Part II

For Those Who Came In Late: Last week, we introduced you to Spidey’s supreme homewrecker, Marvel’s answer to Old Scratch himself, Mephisto. We took a look at Mephisto’s first appearance in the pages of THE SILVER SURFER, and a supremely creepy Mephisto tale from John Byrne in the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR. However, the Mephisto […]

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The Sum of All Fears on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s second episode (“Triggers”) packed an (emotional) punch in myriad ways. For one thing, Alex and Maggie seem to be slowly leaning into a rough patch. It starts off small, but then ends with Alex wanting kids and Maggie…not. That is, for a lot of people, a deal breaker. So, this is obviously the sad […]

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