The Worst Kept Secret in Town

Over at his site manwithoutfear.com, Kuljit Mithra has put together this hilarious (because it’s true) list of all the people who have been made aware over the years of Daredevil’s (not so) secret identity. In the Fall From Grace storyline, DD had convinced everyone he WASN’T Matt Murdock. After one paper ran a speculative story, […]

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Daredevil 7

Daredevil Making Snow Angels

If the cover for Daredevil #7 by Alex Maleev and Dave McCaigy doesn’t make you smile, you might not have a heart. Seeing Daredevil having such a lighthearted moment captures the spirit of Mark Waid’s recent run on the comic. I like seeing Daredevil have fun. He’s earned it.

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Earth, Too

Big news last week with the revelation of the new series slated to replace the six cancelled DC “New 52” series, two of which are books that have your humble professor excited to buy some DC Comics again: EARTH-TWO, from James Robinson and Nicola Scott, which will presumably feature the Justice Society of America in […]

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"Brother, Take My Hand."

“Brother, Take My Hand.”

There’s no two ways about it: my love of Marvel Comics comes directly from two sources: ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS and SON OF ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS. These two 1970s collections of the premiere issues of Marvel’s characters served as my introduction to the Marvel Universe, and in no more formative way than in the case of the […]

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Daredevil #1 - Stan Lee/Bill Everett

Daredevil vs. Matt Murdock

I respect Daredevil, I even like him. I like Matt Murdock better. The determined lawyer, the smooth talker, and the overachiever who never stops trying to make his father proud – he’s so… well, human. It’s taken me too long to include superhero comics with the independent titles in my pull list. One reason for […]

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Tale of Sand Preview-PG2-3

Tale of Sand: A Review

Our own Amy Ratcliffe reviews the new graphic novel Tale of Sand over at her own site, Geek With Curves. An adaptation of a lost screenplay by MUPPETS creator Jim Henson and longtime MUPPETS writer Jerry Juhl, Tale of Sand, says Amy, “is ambitious, surreal, and glorious.” I’m sold. To read Amy’s full review, click here.

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Matt’s Brother Mike

Over at Comic Book Resources, writer Timothy Callahan has just posted an exhaustive history of one of the more head-scratchingest periods in super-hero history, the time when Matt Murdock was pretending to be his own fictional twin brother Mike. As Timothy writes, “Right! Because that’s clearly the best way to handle this situation. Concoct a […]

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Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

The recent induction of Daredevil to the Avengers has got me thinking: when I first started reading comics, there was always a sort of conventional wisdom that there were certain Marvel characters that absolutely, hands down, no-questions would never been in the Avengers. For the longest time, that “common-knowledge” list was kind of set in […]

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Daredevil Goes Hollywood

Compared to media juggernauts like Spider-Man or the Hulk, ol’ Hornhead hasn’t made that big of a pop-culture splash yet.  There was a fairly awful TV-movie back in the ’80s that teamed up the Hulk and Daredevil. Entitled TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK (in which the Hulk is never put on trial, by the way; […]

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From the Hand of a Master

From the Hand of a Master

Master storyteller Harlan Ellison hasn’t written that many comics in his illustrious career. And now you have the opportunity to own one, signed by the Hugo- and Nebula-award winner himself. BLASTOFF has managed to procure a very limited number of copies of Mr. Ellison’s issue of Daredevil from 1984, featuring interior art and cover by […]

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