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Spider-Man sales

From Zero to Hero… Sort Of

Peter Parker was just an average teenager. Well, not exactly. His intelligence was above average. He liked science and because of his dedication to his studies, the “cool” kids called him a bookworm. It all changed when he was bit by a radioactive spider and became Spider-Man, but it also didn’t. His life was fundamentally […]

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X-Men Hellfire Club

Five Of My Favorite Kitty Pryde Moments

I liked Kitty Pryde aka Sprite aka Shadowcat aka Ariel as soon as I met her in Uncanny X-Men #129. The young girl who could phase and walk through walls and possessed unstoppable spunk grabbed my attention. I adored how she instantly bonded with Storm and soon proved she wasn’t scared to jump into the […]

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X-Men Against Hate

Events in the pages of comic books can be scary. I’m not talking about alien invasions, horror stories, or a Hulk-sized arch-nemesis stomping through a city. Sure. Some of those stories have woken me up in the middle of the night in sweats, but stories about hate and prejudice really get to me. They chill […]

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Free Comic Book Day: Nerd Christmas in May

There’s only one day each year that I look forward to more than Christmas and it comes the first Saturday of every May: Free Comic Book Day. The idea originated from Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics, a comic-book store located in Concord, Ca. Free Comic Book Day was to encourage the awareness of graphic […]

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That’s Our Joss

Soon, probably just a few months from now, I’ll be looking back saying, “I remember the day when I said Joss Whedon and no one knew he was.” And of course I’m not talking about saying his name in the crowds at Comic-Con. No. I mean among the mundanes. The non-geeks. A couple-few years ago […]

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picture 15

Worst Avenger Ever: Meet Starfox

The Avengers are known to all as Earth’s mightiest heroes. They are the Marvel equivalent of the Justice League and are one of the two most recognized teams in Marvel (the other being X-Men). Yet, from time to time, we collectively scratch our heads, as we can’t figure out the logic behind why certain characters […]

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Avengers on a bus

My Avengers Dream Team

The more I read of the Avengers, the more I notice that the number of current, active members fluctuates. Seemingly a lot. It becomes apparent when they call in all members, including past ones, to help fight a big baddie. By the time they all arrive they flood in and crowd the room to the […]

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Panel Oh My Stars and Garters

Beast Makes Me Laugh

Let’s just face it. The Beast brightens any page with his humor, snark, and endearing expressions. Case in point: I may have to incorporate that saying into my everyday language. It’s much better than the expletives I currently use when stuck in L.A. traffic. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite panels with  Beast and other […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.