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Another Scott Snyder joint! We started off this month of creepy comics with an analysis of American Vampire, the series that launched writer Scott Snyder to horror superstardom. American Vampire has been known since its debut as one of Vertigo’s strongest horror titles in years, harkening back to the days when that famed imprint of […]

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Black Hole by Charles Burns is a book I’ve been meaning to read for about as long as I’ve been steadily reading comics. Its cover is striking, presenting next to no information to the reader but still creating an anxious mood with the simple image of a high schooler forcing an uncomfortable smile for a […]

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MONSTROUS COMICS! American Vampire

Scott Snyder’s Wytches blew up the independent comics scene when the first issue sold over 90,000 copies – a huge achievement for any comic, but completely stunning for creator-owned debut. In part due to Snyder’s proven track record of dynamic and compelling narratives that are novelistic in their approach to characters and theme, readers know […]

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JOURNEY WITH JACK, Part Six: Captain America #208

All right, folks… here we are at the end of our journey. We’re ending with Captain America #208, titled Captain American and Falcon: River of Death. Up until now, the Marvel comics that we’ve read of Kirby’s have been done in collaboration with Stan Lee, but this one is all Jack. Written, drawn, and even […]

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JOURNEY WITH JACK, Part Five: Fantastic Four #51

Last time on Journey with Jack, we stepped into the world that many consider Jack Kirby’s best work… New Gods. This time, we’re going on an adventure with a work that many others consider to be the man’s greatest creation. Can you guess who we’re talking about? There’s four of them, one of them is […]

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JOURNEY WITH JACK, Part Four: New Gods #7

On the last installment of Journey with Jack, we watched Jack Kirby pair up with Stan Lee for a classic issue of Thor. Now, Thor is potentially my favorite superhero of all time, so while we might have trouble topping my enthusiasm for watching the King take on the Thunder God, we’re at least sticking […]

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JOURNEY WITH JACK, Part Three: Thor #150

Last time, we continued our journey through Jack Kirby’s historic bibliography with Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #1. This time, we’re treading grounds that are a bit more familiar to me with Thor #150, as Kirby is joined by the man himself: Stan Lee. The issue, titled Even in Death… picks up in the […]

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JOURNEY WITH JACK Part One: Mister Miracle #1

Writing for Blastoff has been as much of a comics history lesson for me as it has been a writing project. I’ve known Blastoff Comics owner Scott Tipton for as long as I’ve been writing comics. Well, longer, actually. I added him on Facebook – being sure to avoid adding the congressman of the same […]

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