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You’re Not Finished With Us Yet!

So many of you have come in to see us this week to take advantage of our sale and say goodbye, And as of last night, many of you commented that the shop didn’t look right with so many empty shelves.

We completely agree.

So last night, after we closed the doors, we rolled up our sleeves, dived into our inventory and filled all the shelves back up again. Come back and see us and check out all the stuff on our walls and shelves that you might not have seen last time.

If you empty our shelves again, we’ll just fill ’em up again. We’re stubborn that way.

Our largest sale ever continues through July, with selected trades and hardcovers 60% off, all new comics 50% off, all remaining trade paperbacks and hardcovers 40% off, and all vintage comics, statuary and wall art 30% off.

We’ll see you in North Hollywood.

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