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Artist at Work

Every piece of official art that was ever used to promote BLASTOFF, everything from our logo and title font to over 70 theme banners, has all been the work of a single talent, our Artist-in-Residence Elena Casagrande. Elena was the first call Jud and I made when we started the business and needed a logo, because I had been working with her for years already and knew that she could do anything, which she proved over and over again.

Below are just a few of my favorites of her many monthly Blastoff banners, all of which can be seen in the “Blastoff Art Gallery” section of our FB page.

If Jud was the heart of Blastoff and I was the voice, Elena was the style, conveying what we’re all about with that perfect logo, and drawing people in month after month with these amazing banners. We couldn’t have done it without you, Elena. Grazie.

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