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The One(s) Where Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel Dated

Spider-Man has some of the most infamously bad romantic luck of any character in fiction. His love interests have, to name a few, been thrown off bridges, been on-again-off-again supervillainesses, and been retconned out of a successful marriage (still pretty bitter about that one.) But one that often gets overlooked is the extremely brief fling Spidey had with one Ms. Carol Danvers. Yup, that one happened.

This particular tale of romance begins back in Ms. Marvel #34. A presently powerless Carol Danvers needed to talk with an information-consuming being called Essential. It’s being stored in a shipyard in Queens, and as Ms. Marvel takes down the guards, the ruckus attracts none other than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. After Danvers gets her talk with Essential and the two part ways, Spidey asks Carol out in uncharacteristically smooth fashion that surprised even him.

Cut to Ms. Marvel #47. We join Spidey in his typical Spidey business when he is joined by Ms. Marvel, here to pay up on her end of the deal. She takes him to a nice restaurant in Greenwich Village, where their date goes terribly.

The date is momentarily interrupted, but when the two pick back up, it actually ends on a nice note.

But wait, there’s more!

Fast forward to Spider-Man’s one shot in Siege. We join our heroes in the conflict on Asgard, where Norman Osborn, presently head of SHIELD and commander of all things armed forces, tries to take over Asgard just because it’s there. Spidey engages Venom, who had been masquerading as Spider-Man for a while, tarnishing his reputation, eating squirrels, the whole schtick. Ms. Marvel jumps in to help and is taken over by the symbiote. A fight ensues, she breaks free, and Venom throws out this little curveball.


The two get back to the fight, but not before we get this awww-worthy moment.

Since then, this hasn’t really been explored, but I would personally like to see what would happen. Spider-Man has dated superheroines in the past, but this one feels like a nice fit that no one would see coming. They have a nice dynamic and great rapport, and Spidey wouldn’t feel the need to protect her because she can more than take care of herself. Also I think with Ms. Marvel’s growing prominence in the Marvel Universe, it would be a good way for the uninitiated to get to know her outside of her superhero antics. And it would be nice for Spidey to have a good relationship that works for once.



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