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SUPERGIRL: (Kryptonian) Witch, Please

Supergirl’s 22nd episode (“Make It Reign”) was full of a lot of great moments, even if there were difficult ones. For one thing, Sam (Odette Annable, crushing it) finally apologized to Ruby for keeping her not being honest with her in the past: “We’re going to call Lena and Alex, and they’re going to get to the bottom of this. … I promise you, I will never you keep you in the dark again.” I think it’s so, so important to apologize to kids in a respect, heartfelt way. And while Sam’s motivations were easy to discern, it was good to see Ruby’s hurt feelings validated. Plus, those two are a damn great team.

I loved M’yrnn’s moments with Alex, the kindness and gratitude he showed her. Carl Lumbly is amazing, and I him in this role. He and Chyler Leigh really brought the sweetness and feels to that scene. I had a little “watering of the eyes,” myself. Even more so when he insisted on helping with the Reign calamity at the end of the episode. (The memory ceremony was…more boring than I wanted! I feel like that’s a terrible thing to say, but here we are.)

And Kara, using the Alura AI, to be amazing and badass? Priceless. I loved how she maneuvered the portal into getting turned out. Rather hilarious, honestly. And smart. But there’s a tossup for my favorite moment of this episode: Alex taking on two Kryptonians was amaaazing. She was fierce, smart, a force to be reckoned with. And I cheered for her (even as I grieved for Demos—and maaaan, Winn’s grief over it was masterfully done. Jeremy Jordan is a treasure). I will never get tired of Alex kicking ass, against whatever bad guy/girl/Kryptonian swamp witch crosses her path. Yes, please.

Even though it was brief, Mon-El talking to Winn about his feelings for Kara was charming as all hell: “I lost her once, Winn. I’m not sure I can do it again.” Winn’s delighted reaction and offer to snag a drink was utterly wonderful. I did laugh at Kara’s reduction of the situation between her and Mon-El, while speaking to her mother: “That’s not an easy question to answer. … There’s a history between us, complications.” Right. Seven years apart on his end, plus a wife and a feeling of duty, perhaps, to the people of the future. That’s not a small mountain to climb, darlings. But I wager they will. Once you know where your heart lies, there’s not getting around it, only delaying it until things can be sifted through. The love between them is clear, organic, a pure kind of emotion. Not something I expected from the former frat boy and our girl of steel. But man, I am here for it.

That said, I’m so ready for the Reign storyline to be put to bed. I want Sam back to herself. I want more of Eve being brilliant with Lena. I’d also enjoy seeing the swamp witches get their snarky butts handed to them. And Coville should head back to jail (we don’t really think that slimeball is dead, right?). Truthfully, if the witches weren’t hellbent on destruction and evil, I would looooove a show focusing on them. Was there a good counterpoint on Krypton? A Glinda to face the Wicked? I really want that to be a thing now, please and thank you.

Catch you next week, kittens.

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