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The Rule of Three on SUPERGIRL*

Supergirl’s 17th episode (“Trinity”) was rife with the usual humor (Brainy is unintentionally hilarious), while being packed with struggle. Whether the Trinity refers to Reign, Pestilence, and Purity (Krys Marshall was fantastic, fyi)—or Kara, Alex, and Lena—this episode was about allegiances and alliances. All were tested or proven. It was good to see Alex kick some ass, and I loved how Lena defended her actions. Repeatedly. Without flinching. She was every bit a stellar friend to Sam.

Which, okay, how amazing is Odette Annable? Her work this episode just floored me, from her emotional breakdown to Reign’s contrasting malice. I loved how she kept rallying, helping Julia, even as she was struggling. There was something so very relatable to a panicked desire to hang on to memories. They so often fuel us. That said, I did question how Sam knew to plug the crystal in to broadcast the location of the Evil League of Evil Fortress. I also question how Lena sat down and magically fly the plane from the future. Don’t get me wrong, Lena is a badass. But, uh, that was a stretch.

Speaking of stretches, we’ve got to talk about Jimmy and his terrible, no-good decisions and general nope-ness. Should he have broken in to Lena’s lab? No. But he gave his word to his friend, broke it, lied about it, and ratted said friend out—all for a woman he has being seeing for…three seconds. Like, no. No sir. What are you doing? You’ve just crapped on your friend family for someone you don’t know very well. Equally frustrating was Lena apologizing to Jimmy for “ghosting” him for three weeks (did no one look up what ghosting actually is? Because Lena’s behavior ain’t that.). Christ on a bicyclye, Lena is a strong, badass woman who was helping her friend. She doesn’t owe anyone an apology for doing that, especially not Jimmy. My frustration was only compounded by the fact that she vehemently defended her decisions to everyone else. But slunk into CatCo, doing a Walk of Shame in reverse. In short: no. Just…all the nope.

Kara spent this episode giving Lena crap, making Mon-El promise to leave her behind and save the others, and being a general font of goodness. Facing Reign without powers? Insane, but compelling. (Speaking of Reign, is she now the Trinity in a single body? Because I feel like that could get dicey.) It’s clear that Mon-El is having a case of the feels, regarding Kara. He’s really in a terrible spot: “She just looks so breakable. … All I wanna do is pull her out. … I can’t help her. I can’t hold her. … I can’t hurt my wife. What do I do?” That scene with J’onn let Mon-El shine incredibly, only punctuated by his sad face and necklace-gazing at the close of the episode. Imra threw a look or two, clearly aware of the situation fraught with No Good Choices. I wonder if she’ll simply let him go as a grand gesture.

If things weren’t bad enough, Lena confessed to manufacturing Kryptonite (thus admitting she lied to Supergirl) and Reign is off to kill Ruby. SUPER. That’s not ominous at all. After this storyline is put to bed, I’d like an episode with heaps of humor. And puppies. That aside, I’d totally be down for a show about Kryptonian witches. I’m just sayin’.


*Yeah, I almost made a 2 become 1 Spice Girls joke. Sorry, not sorry

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