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The Past Is Prologue on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 14th episode (“Schott Through the Heart”) is full of humor, heartbreak, and flying monkeys. No, really. (And it was a fantastic Wizard of Oz shoutout.) This episode was all Jeremy Jordan, front and center, bringing emotional depth, quickly followed by a wisecrack. His mother, Mary (the wonderful Laurie Metcalf), also had a thing for one-liners (“Don’t Luke Skywalker me…”). I was prepared to loathe her, but ended up understanding her in such a short span of time. That’s not an easy trick in the span of one episode, but it works. A testament to all those involved.

But back to Winn. There was a real raw quality to Jordan’s performance, a brokenhearted anger, a kind of seething disappoint that only emerges when someone close to us lets up down. His sense of grief and betrayal at Mary leaving him behind was masterfully done, as was Winn’s over-verbalization of his frustration. (That did give him and Jimmy some great scenes and bonding time, though. It was nice to see their friendship—and Jimmy was especially poignant when talking about his parents.)

One of my favorite scenes was when Winn and Mary were working on the flying monkey. She was capable and funny, and Winn was harboring resentment that seemed so utterly justified. Until a trick of memory was dragged into the light. It was a brilliant pivot, a reminder that two people can live through the same thing, but hold on to it very differently. That moment, more than anything else, softened my heart toward Mary.

Of course, then she had to run off and confront Buffalo Bill—such a brilliant reference there, and it was lovely to see Brooke Smith—all on her own. That lead to a funny fight scene involving everything from the Isle of Misfit toys (literal hot wheels!), and Mon-El showing off his new fighting skills—a hint of things to come. Although I wasn’t super keen on Supergirl getting vacuum-sealed out of the action, getting to see Mon-El come into his own (maybe show off a little for Kara) was a lot of fun.

Now, while I loved to see the affection between Alex and J’onn…I really kind of hated the storyline with M’yrnn. Perhaps it’s a way not to keep Carl Lumbly on the show forever, but I’m disappointed that we only got to see them happy for a hot minute. My heart absolutely shattered every time Alex tried to help, from the awkward dinner talk to speaking with J’onn the next day. Chyler Leigh is magic in human form, and she says more with a look than most people can with voice and expression combined. (*Cough* Lexie Grey forever. *cough*) David Harewood’s performance was excellent, a subtle helplessness, infused with love. Harewood portrays J’onn perfectly, from his concern to his kindness toward M’yrnn.

Lastly, Mon-El and Kara, hanging out at the bar was lovely. The speech she gave was so very Kara and so very upright. It was perfect. But it was hilarious that Mon-El was basically like, “Yeah, this wasn’t about feelings.” I mean, obviously there’s a mad current of affection between these two. They’re getting very good at playing friends (or buddies, to borrow their words), but this kind of connection can only be tamped down for so long. I’m curious to see how it all unravels, and I think that perhaps started with Mon-El’s sad puppy eyes over Imra lying to him.

Oh, one more thing: I want to hang out and do karaoke at the bar with these folks. Except Mon-El, because dear lord, was he strangling a drunk cat? The last time I heard singing that bad was when David Boreanaz had to eke out a rather embarrassed rendition of Mandy on Angel. Granted, the singing shenanigans were enjoyable and fun. I hope there’s more lighthearted silliness in the future.

Assuming there is a future, given that Reign is about to go bonkers next week.


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