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Loss and Addiction on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 18th episode (“Lose Yourself”) made me shout at the screen and eventually cry. From Harry going full-on Gollum to Caitlin losing her powers to DeVoe killing Ralph—it was an action-packed episode. There were robot samurais and heartfelt speeches (from both Joe and Ralph). The other remaining bus meta, Edwin, was a rather hilarious hippy, who made me laugh when he tripped into his own breach. That was very Hei Hei from Moana. (Side note: I did not laugh when the show threw around the term “spirit animal.” If you’re not a Native American, nothing is your spirit animal. Try Patronus. Try Daemon. This is the second time the show mishandled Native American elements.)

Ralph’s fear for his friends—and not his own safety—was incredibly compelling: “DeVoe has taken out everyone who has gotten in his way. … And Team Flash, they will always be in his way. … This team is the only family that I’ve ever had, and I would throw myself in a furnace to keep them safe.” Hartley Sawyer has a doe-eyed quality about him, and his eventual earnestness was absolutely pitch perfect. Having a mold of the tuning fork literally on his body? Genius. I burst into tears when he died at the hands of DeVoe, and I didn’t quite realize I cared that much. I mean, Barry’s parting, “I’ll keep them safe” parting line gave me SO many feels.

I really loved that Joe caught on to Harry’s thinking cap addiction. I thought it was excellent to link back to his late wife’s addiction. Once you’ve been around someone who is an addict, you can pick up signs and tells. Plus, Joe cares about everyone, so it made perfect sense he’d pull Harry aside from a good-natured pep talk. And hiding the cap to see how Harry would react? I mean, it gave us this Cisco gem: “Hey, I don’t have it, Captain Caveman.” I laughed out loud. Harry really did go full my preciousssss on us. His snark and anger built up throughout the episode, in sometimes hilarious ways (“My britches are plenty big. I fill my britches.” Okaaaay, sir.).

Caitlin losing Killer Frost (after all their fun and character development) made me very sad. I hope they’re able to reconnect/restore her. Seeing their post-it notes back and forth to each other was a really nice detail. But I also thought it was pretty brilliant how KF has become a willing member of Team Flash. Who would’ve thunk it?

Iris’ fight scene with The Mechanic was pretty excellent. I love that Iris gets to kick more ass lately, verbally and physically. I was slightly surprised she was a good match for Marlize, only because we’ve never seen Iris train. But she handled herself incredibly well, and the stabbing move was a great touch. Speaking of The Mechanic, though, dear god—if her messed up relationship with DeVoe doesn’t come to a head soon, I’m going to throw a shoe at the TV. It’s impossible to forget how he’s violated her, emotionally manipulated her, and actually drugged her. If she doesn’t turn on DeVoe and deliver the killing blow that maybe none of The Team can/will, I will be very cross. Like the time someone gave me decaf and didn’t tell me. It wasn’t pretty. 😉

Catch you later, nerds!



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