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Captain Cold Lends a Hand on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 19th episode (“ Fury Rogue”) gave us Snart! Well, Earth-X Snart, but maaaan, I cannot get over how wonderful Wentworth Miller is. The writing for him is always stellar (and I love that the show doesn’t shying away from making it insanely clear that Nazis are bad, because Nazis? ARE BAD.), whether he’s quipping, being sweet about getting married, or trying to get Barry to confront his feelings about losing Ralph. It was no surprise that Rachel Talalay directed this episode. She is always brilliant.

More than that, Snart’s interactions with Caitlin were lovely, and I love the development of Snart as a genuinely good guy. He’s a bit Mr. Rogers, but I think that the world could use a bit more of that these days, no? Someone who lovingly points out the good in people, who lends a hand when asked, no matter what’s going on—but who doesn’t tolerate hate. Yes, please. I especially love his approach to Caitlin, given her lack of Killer Frost. He built her up sweetly, calling her a badass at the end of the episode. That, I suspect, was a balm she sorely needed. I mean, even I felt bad for her when she found that post-it in her pocket. THE FEELS. Although, I will say that Snart is right. Being a meta isn’t what makes Caitlin interesting or important—anymore than Harry’s brain is the only reason Team Flash needs him. On her own, Snow is brilliant. Two sides of the same coin, each bringing greatness.

Speaking of Harry, good grief, watching him spiral out was painful. I was glad when he finally let Cisco in on the truth, instead of trying to derail him. A theme of the episode was, possibly, asking for help when you need it. Harry will. And Barry did, after much resistance. And the truth is, it’s often the hardest to ask for help when you really need it, but it’s also really frakkin’ brave. I’m enjoying the show portraying therapy in a positive and useful light.

I was also super pleased to see Marlize’s possible character development. I mean, DeVoe, for all his smarts, cannot account for human feelings—as she accurately points out, in regard to Team Flash. But I suspect that will eventually be his downfall. The Mechanic flirted pretty hardcore with DeVoe and was rebuffed in favor of…work. So, she switched tactics and wore his favorite dress—to no avail. His obsession with Team Flash has become his only focus, which explains why he didn’t see the grief in his wife’s eyes. It is fascinating to see his once blind devotion simply devolve into blindness.

I’m hoping things get frosty again soon—that Caitlin figures out how to get Killer Frost to reemerge and that Snart comes back via Cisco’s generous gift. I’m totally cool with Nazi Siren X going to prison though, fyi.


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