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You’ve Got a Friend on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 12th episode (“For Good”) was a damn good episode of TV, pulling at every possible heartstring. Let’s start with Sam’s medical crisis. There was a lot of Dr. Alex packed into the minutes, but it was sweet, touching, uplifting. Everything female friend can, and should, be. With Sam trying to discover the source of her missing time, she turns to Alex. And in doing so, Alex convinces her not to wall herself off—to lean on those around her, who love her: “You’re being sick isn’t a burden to anyone. Lena might be your boss, … but she’s also your friend.”

For someone in the middle of a crisis, that can be a scary thing—letting people in. But god and goddesses, it’s important, not just for personal survival, but to thrive. No one is alone. And no one should have to carry the fear of What-If alone. Rightly, Alex disavows Sam of the notion that she may be a burden. And it’s the impetus for so many important moments, namely all the women supporting Sam unconditionally. It’s uplifting and heartfelt from start to finish, even with the dramatic irony of knowing that Sam is Reign.

Lena, too, leaned on a friend (Kara) this episode. And it wasn’t just her Luthor smarts that kept her from going over the Edge (pun intended)—it was Kara’s belief in her. It was that friendship that helped Lena stay grounded and not murder-y: “You want to know why I’m not a killer? Friends.” On one hand, yes friends make you better! On the other hand, if a friend is the only thing standing between you and a case of the Hannibal Lector, maaaaaybe rethink think somethings. And stay away from fava beans and Chianti. Although, this weird, convoluted plotline in which Lilian returns to save her daughter—by killing Edge via a mech suit, among other attempts—was surprisingly touching. Yes, Lilian is cold and bonkers, but there was a sweetness there, in that parting scene. It was an off-the-wall tenderness that I did not doubt.

This episode also gave us a hilariously quipping Winn (“not the Droids you’re looking for”), a J’onn pep talk extraordinaire, and more Guardian action. Sure, Jimmy only donned the suit in defense of Lena, but I’m overlooking it. Guardian Jimmy is, officially, my favorite version of Jimmy. Seeing him chase the dude who poisoned Lena was pretty fantastic, too.

Kara risking her secret identity (come on, Lena has to know by now, right?) to save Lena was sweet. Seeing Mon-El fight was a bit fun, too. Afterward, even though it’s all shop talk, Kara’s posture was telling. Melissa Benoist does such a stellar job of conveying Kara’s feelings non-verbally. In this case, her arms were crossed in front of her, defensively. It is one of those unconscious things we all do, when we’re feeling vulnerable. (I also found Mon-El’s line about certainty…curious.) That one gesture made my heart ache for her. (My favorite was Kara snarking to the unconscious security guard, “Don’t grab women, sweetheart.” Because YES.)

Obviously, we’re getting closer to the Worldkillers being front and center. I know that it will be Sam’s humanity—perhaps in the form of Ruby—that pulls her back from the brink. It would be too neat a bow to assume that Imra gets caught in that crossfire. But I am curious as to how they’ll stage her exit.

Catch you next week, darlings.

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