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Complicated Feelings, Comas, and Decoder Rings on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s tenth episode (“Legion of Super-Heroes”—guys, I deeply resent that hyphen) was certainly action-packed. It certainly was more games than fun for Kara who, as Winn put it, “Well, I’m sure she loves being trapped in mind prison.” But it’s all okay, because this gives Brainiac-5 a chance to shine, and dear god, he’s a fun, quippy character. Jesse Rath is utterly charming, subtly (but helpfully) manipulative, and really handy in a fight.

Obviously, Reign spends the entire episode causing chaos, spouting rather mixed messages, “Apathy is the greatest sin of all. … There will be no more justice. … I’m here to help.” She burns down a meth lab, but then fights the cop who shows up. It’s like she’s making all her decisions based on some kind of Magic Eight Ball, while hopped up on blazing self-importance. Still, Odette Annable sells the hell out of the character, along with the all-too-brief glimpse we get of Sam. (I have to wonder, why keep up the ruse? It’s intriguing.)

Now, with Kara in a prison of her own making, she embarks on a side quest involving her childhood cat, which leads to her embracing her human side—thus, waking her from the coma. That was, I have to say, a nice touch. It wasn’t rage, fear, or someone in danger that woke Sleeping Beauty. It was her, stepping into herself. And man, did she slay.

And I won’t lie: when Mon-El got trapped in an ice ball, reminiscent of the squirrel from Ice Age, I laughed. This episode, he was about as passionless and void of emotion as soggy toast. Yes, he and his wife are on a mission. Yes, a lot hangs in the balance. But his perpetually inert state of ennui was tiresome. He said he cared, but he didn’t show it until the last possible moment. And I wanted more from our favorite reformed frat boy. Sure, the Legion jumped into the final battle (those rings looks like they came out of a cereal box, guys), but Alex had more balls and profound emotion in a single look than he did in the entire episode. (To be fair, Alex spitting “Catch” is my new reason for living. Chyler Leigh is absolutely flawless, and I need her hair color like yesterday.) Oh, but the Bon Jovi bit? PRICLESS. Jersey represent! That was delightful. And while Mon-El and Kara did share that brief hallway conversation, fraught with unspoken words and choked back tears, I still wanted more.

You know what I didn’t want? Lena/Jimmy being awkward and mooning over each other. Lena’s sudden interest in Jimmy has her fumbling all over herself, wearing her décolletage as a if she’s stumbled into Dynasty, and generally faffing about in an unsavvy manner. You can argue that love makes fools of us all (because TRUE), but while I love the actors, I still don’t see the chemistry. And here’s the thing—and I can’t believe I’m saying this—not everyone needs a ship. I’m far more interested in Guardian than I am in Lames. Yawn. However, I AM absolutely on board with Lena giggling, because holy Christ, girlfriend’s laugh is bright an infectious. I smiled, despite my previous snarling.

Lastly, and tangentially, I’m glad they’re giving Chad Lowe more to do! But if he’s really switched sides, it’s going to piss me off. He was too pious, too pure, too much of a true believer to slip on over to the Dark Side. Unless he’s doing some super sly recon work, he can go roast marshmallows in the flames of that meth lab.

Catch you later, Brainiacs.

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