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Weird Science: Team Flash Forever

The Flash’s season premiere (“The Flash Reborn”) was everything I wanted it to be and more. Despite the sad and difficult situation the Flash Gang is in, the show retained its levity and humor (two favorite Cisco quips: “More like Samurai jackass.” and “Excelsior!” Priceless). The episode could’ve centered around the characters being mired in grief, like Artax in the Swamp of Sadness. Instead, it’s about the things that keep people going after a loss—often, something to focus on, something they’re passionate about. They’re not moping. They’re proactive. And I love it.

Of course, the episode is also about returns. Turns out, Cisco has a plan to bring Barry back from the Speed Force. This involves finding Caitlin at a dive bar (because of course), who appears to be totally normal (initially): “If you’re back to normal, I have to know: why didn’t you come back to us?” It probably has something to do with Caitlin losing time when Killer Frost takes over. I mean, she can’t be all bad, since Killer Frost made a Hulk-ish quip: “You wouldn’t like me when I’m frosty.” She is such an excellent villain. And it’s fascinating to see Caitlin grapple with control, despite seeming to have it all together. I mean, who hasn’t been there? But I love the hell out of Caitlin, even only for hilarity like this: “Why do you have to ruin science?” It made me laugh.

But let’s talk fractured Barry for a moment. He returns like a rambling mess, drawing symbols and looking like he stole a wig from Stephen Amell. (Do they have only one wig in Vancouver, guys? Is it like the eye the three fates pass around? Seriously, I need to know.) Cisco manages to decode his pictorial scrawl, but “This house is bitchin’” sounds a lot more like HR than Barry. (Please mean that HR comes back. Oh, please…)

He snaps back to himself (and is more powerful now!) as soon as Iris is in danger. Iris took a big risk and let herself be kidnapped, but it was clear that she took her poppa’s faith speech to heart. (Bless Jesse L. Martin forever, btw. That man is magic. And I laughed out loud when Cecile wanted to throw out Joe’s record collection. Giiiiiirl. No.) It was sweet to see her reunited with Barry, I’m not going to lie. And no one is prouder of Iris than Barry (aka “speedy Jesus”—snort): “You kept everyone together. I’m so proud of you, okay? It sounds funny, but maybe this was a blessing.” I mean…calling it a blessing might be taking it a wee bit far.

The villain of this episode turns out to be a gentleman who sounds like Kylo Ren and looks like the Borg. He needs the Flash back, so he made the Samurai robot to put the city in danger. That…seems awfully complicated and suggests a knowledge of the Flash Gang and their dedication. I’m very curious about him and am sincerely hoping he says resistance is futile.

Race you to next week, nerds!


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