A Life, Writing – An Interview with Mark Waid, Part 1

There are some guests who need very little introduction. Some who have affected our industry in so many ways that it would require a dedicated program just to list their achievements.

Mark Waid is that guest.

He’s written nearly every comic-book character at nearly every comic-book company (quite a few that he founded himself). He’s become an expert at every level of publishing. Owner, CEO, CCO, Editor-in-Chief, Digital Pioneer. And of course, a relentless wordsmith, creating original characters and transforming long existing ones with brave and bold strokes.

Over thirty years of shaping and reshaping so many of the heroes and villains whose adventures we long to daydream about. He builds the ship. He fills it with a crew. And then he pilots it and makes sure we all have a seat right up front.

He’s a quiet man who can also wield a big stick. A man with strong opinions. Which means, a man with as many enemies as friends. He does not back down, he does not cower, he does not lie. He speaks his mind and types with his heart in his fingers. In this transparency lies the key to the emotional core that sets his comic-book writing aflame.

I’ve known him a long time and he’s the same human being now as he was when we first met. Maybe a bit wiser. Skin a bit thicker. He’s not a man without fear. He’s a man unafraid to walk through it and see what happens next.

Like I said, I’m not going to list his credits. If you don’t know who he is, hit pause and open your browser. Type in the name Mark Waid and give yourself a few minutes to cover the terrain of his career so far. When you pick your jaw up off the floor, press play and prepare for a master class in honesty from a master storyteller.

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